Top Picks: 10 Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment You Shouldn’t Miss

Most of the fans love the Webtoon series, “Teenage Mercenary”. Not only does the series have a good plot and action, but the character’s development and some slice-of-life moments make this series entertaining. In this list, we have brought to you our top 10 picks manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment that you must read.

1. Lookism

Lookism Chapter 503
Lookism manhwa/ Credit: Naver, PTJ Comics

You must have heard about Lookism and many already follow this series. If you haven’t then you must try this at all costs. You are missing a great story made by PTJ which has over 500 chapters. Martial Arts, Bully’s, Crews, Comedy, Looks, and a little bit of romance, it has everything.

“A boy named Park Hyungseok gets bullied in his school because of his looks. One day he wakes up in a new body that looks like an Idol. He joins a new school and decides to start a new life. “Lookism,” or prejudice based on a person’s physical appearance, is something he sees many instances of throughout the novel. As he adjusts to his new life, Daniel searches for answers about his second body.”

Where to Read: Fans can read the manhwa Lookism only on Naver and Webtoons officially.

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2. Weak Hero

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
Weak Hero series/ Credit: Naver and Webtoon

Another manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment is Weak Hero. Although our hero isn’t a mercenary but the action, bullies, and most of the plot are very same in the Weak Hero series.

“A school run by bullies and tyrants and their hobby is to play and torment the weak students. Once they target you, your life will be hell. But then Gray Arrives and threatens the order of the bullies. Despite his diminutive stature, he is a master fighter whose calculated and vicious attacks send his opponents reeling and pleading for mercy.”

Where to Read: This manhwa series is completed with 269 chapters and can be read on the Naver and Webtoons platform.

3. Taxi Driver (Red Cage) is underrated Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
Credit: Kakao Page, Tapas

The most underrated manhwa, “Taxi Driver” also has its own Krama by the same name. This might be a short Seinen series but it is absolutely fantastic to read.

“The “cage” refers to the rear of a taxi in the seediest areas. Re-Call Red, a code 5326, is a call to avenge all pain. Want to see a bully trodden on? Get in touch. Was your spouse unfaithful to you? Get in touch. Is there a chance that your business partner has gone bankrupt? Deke will be standing by the phone, ready to take their call. All sorts of unique services are available from the Rainbow Taxi. Give us a ring today.”

Where to Read: You can officially read the series on the Kakao Page, Webtoons, and Tapas. Fans can also stream the Kdrama on Netflix, Viki, and Amazon Prime.

4. Killer Pietro (Killer Pedro)

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
Killer Peter/ Credit: Naver and Webtoons

Yet another new promising manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment is Killer Pietro. This manhwa plot is also somewhat similar to Sakamoto’s Days but with a twist in it.

“Pietro, who had devoted his life to the criminal organization Glory Club, now runs a peaceful used bookstore in his spare time, having retired from his fame as a notorious killer.

However, Pietro discovers that his body has mysteriously reverted to his teenage years after being ambushed and nearly killed one day by the very organization to which he had devoted his life. After getting back in shape, Pietro decided it was time to get even with Glory Club.”

Where to Read: Only on Naver and Webtoon, you can read the Killer Pietro series which is currently ongoing.

5. God of Blackfield

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
God of Blackfield/ Credit: Kakao Page and Tapas

The next manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment is the God of Blackfield. Although it is not on the same level, it is readable. Fair warning, at one point this series may get boring with annoying and poorly-written female characters.

“A terrifying figure known as the “God of Blackfield,” Kang Chan left a path of black soot and lifeless bodies behind him, inspiring terror in his opponents. However, his life was suddenly extinguished one day amidst the mayhem of combat. “A bullet actually entered my body from behind!” Three years later, this “god” has returned, but this time as a timid high school student coping with issues like vicious bullies, dubious business deals, and girlfriends. High school is its own war, and revenge felt like an easy way out!”

Where to Read: This series is completed with 169 chapters and you can read it on Kakao Page and Tapas.

6. The Bully In-Charge

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
The Bully In-Charge/ Credit: Naver, Jaedam

Another high school bully-based manhwa, The Bully In-Charge is a very popular series. With action, drama, and comedy, you can’t miss this one.

“Having left school, Kwon Daegun is now getting ready to take his qualifying exam. He got into an altercation with a group of thugs while he was working part-time at a convenience store. The Educational Foundation, who had been keeping a careful eye on Daegun for some time, offers him a project named “Iljin in Charge/The Bully In Charge” after he handily defeated them.

He reluctantly accepted the offer and, following the foundation’s directive, entered a foundation-affiliated high school, where he proceeded to vanquish the school’s core bullies one by one.”

Where to Read: Only on Naver, Jaedam, and Webtoons, you can read the manhwa.

7. Juvenile Offender

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
Juvenile Offender/ Credit: Naver, PTJ Comics

I was pretty surprised when I read this series as it shared or can be say a spin-off series to Viral Hit. Drama, action, and  Psychological aspects are present and published by PTJ Comics which is also responsible for Lookism, Quest Supremacy, Manager Kim, and other manhwas.

“There are a lot of bad laws in South Korea. Because of these terrible regulations, a gang of “juvenile kids” who made my life an absolute misery were not punished. I will now begin avenging myself.”

Where to Read: You can read the manhwa Juvenile Offender on Naver and Webtoons.

8. Study Group

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
Study Group/ Credit: Naver and Webtoons

The Main Protagonist only wants to study but always gets caught up in fights. Also, when he fights, it will remind you of Bruce Lee. The comedy series filled with action and drama is a must-read.

“The 17-year-old student Gamin Yoon attends a notoriously criminal institution. He has a hard time getting excellent marks to go into a four-year institution since he is stuck in a predatory atmosphere where only the fittest survive. Will he get engaged in the endless battles around school or be able to study well enough to enter university?”

Where to Read: Only on Naver and Webtoons, you can read Study Group. Season 2 has ended with 234 chapters and soon the last season will start for the story.

9. Guard Pass

Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment
Credit: Daum and Kakao Page

Guard Pass is another Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment that is filled with bullies, martial arts, and revenge. The Main Protagonist’s character development is pretty good in the story.

“Lim Sejun has a big frame and a penchant for food. His strong character and great sense of self-worth mean that he doesn’t bat an eye when others make fun of his weight. ‘Seo Hajin’ is his sole friend. Since she was a little girl, she has been training in Jiujitsu in order to defend Sejun.

Hajin swoops in and annihilates a misbehaving classmate the day Sejun is having problems with them. Nevertheless, Hajin is discovered battered, with a badly hurt knee and far more significant psychological suffering, one night. When the police don’t take his story seriously, Sejun loses control of his wrath and decides to track down the criminal on his own; however, the juvenile learns Jiujitsu and defeats him. The man who rescued him later taught him Jiujitsu.”

Where to Read: Fans can read the series on Daum and Kakao Page.

10. Rooftop Sword Master

Credit: Kakao Page, Lezhin Comics

A very popular series, “Rooftop Sword Master” probably had the best start of the revenge story that turned into garbage. I heard this series got axed. You guys can still give this a read as it is good until 50-60 chapters.

“Eight of Se’young’s classmates at Nun’Gwang Middle School beat him so badly that he went into a coma. When he finally woke up nine months later, he discovered that his father had attempted suicide by self-immolation to exact revenge for what had happened to him.

Because of this, the inquiry was reopened, and the perpetrators who attempted to cover it up were duly punished. Unfortunately, Se’young couldn’t calm his wrath and terror at the unfair world.
Se’young stayed far away from this kind of society.

He remained within his home through the passing of the seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. A peculiar noise, nonetheless, lured him to open the door one day…

In the very heart of the rooftop rested a massive sword with the insignia of “War Sword,” and along with it, the mutterings of a deity.

Where to Read: Only on Kakao Page and Lezhin Comics, you can read this series.

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