When Couple Breaker Chapter 46 is going to be released?

The fans have been waiting for a long time for Couple Breaker Chapter 46 which will be out soon. The manhwa went on hiatus after Chapter 45. It was even left on a cliffhanger. All the fans wanted to know about what was going to happen next.

Couple Breaker Chapter 46 Release Date and Where to Read

The manga Couple Breaker Chapter 46 is going to be released on May 16, 2024, according to the artist update and webtoon update. You can expect at least 2-3 chapters to drop with its comeback.

The fans and readers can read the Couple Breaker series on Naver and the Webtoon platform.

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Recap of Chapter 45

The previous chapters start with Yoonsik using his pass to stop the filming. He was giving his support to Taerin. Meanwhile, in Taerin’s eyes, he has started to look cool.

Back at the house, everyone was questioning when Mongju and Yuri returned. Well, it was a secret according to her. They both were using the stop filming effect pass to the fullest I think.

At the table, there was a lie-detecting toy. So they started to question Mongju with it. Mongju got screwed with back-to-back lies. Sanghee was really pi**ed and she quickly walked out from there.

Couple Breaker Chapter 46
Couple Breaker manhwa/ Credit: Naver and Webtoon

Fake relationship?

After that, it was the turn for our star couples. First was Taerin’s turn as she was asked whether she had feelings for her ex. But she doesn’t have and the lie detector also didn’t react.

Gyeongmo wanted to ask a question from Yoonsik. And the question was, “Are you in a fake relationship,” That’s where the chapter ended with a cliffhanger.

The Plot of Couple Breaker

All is fair in love and war. Two couples will need to battle it out for love and money. But it won’t be that easy as they would swap the partners. Taerin and Ju-a become friends as they study in the fashion department at the same university.

But how Ju-a ended in a reality couple show with Taerin’s boyfriend. And why Taerin is going to the same show with Ju-a’s boyfriend?

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