Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter: Choi and Yoon-Gu

Mingwa has finally released the Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter today. This was the story that continued after Chapter 35 with Choi and Yoon-Gu. Both were drunk and were expressing their one-sided love. In the end, Choi asks Potato if he wants to spend a night at his house.

Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter
Jinx Chapter 43/ Credit: Mingwa and Lezhin Comics

Where You Can Read Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter

The fans can read and enjoy the latest Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter only on Lezhin Comics officially. Season 1 has ended with 53 chapters and now the manhwa will be on a break.

Mingwa has informed the fans that Jinx Season 2 will return this year. For more, you can check out this article.

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What Happened in the Special Chapter

The Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter starts with Yoon-Gu waking up in bed with Choi. And when he saw him he screamed which makes Choi wake up.

Choi tells him about what happened last night. Of course, they were both drunk and started kissing each other passionately at Choi’s house.

Yoon-Gu really thought that they were here to eat something. But it looks like they are going to eat something else.

Choi was the one who took charge and Potato gave up to his pleasure. For Yoon-Gu, it was his first time.

A new love story

In the morning, Choi started to prepare some breakfast while Yoon-Gu was a little stunned after realizing what had happened last night. Choi really liked his time with Potato last night.

After Choi brings the breakfast in Jinx Manhwa Special Chapter, Potato starts to apologize to him. He wanted to take responsibility which totally stunned Choi.

So are they dating right now? Kinda yes, as Choi has told him to take responsibility for him from now on. So we can get more love stories of them in the 2nd season.

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