Kingdom 783 raw scans, spoilers, and summary are out!

After waiting for a week, once again Kingdom 783 raw scans and spoilers are out. The Qin are about to embark on one of their most challenging wars. “Shi Ba Shou” the general has exposed his true colors at last. And my goodness, he slaughtered his foes like it was a piece of vegetable. Let’s check out the spoilers, summary, and raw scans information.

Spoilers and Summary for Kingdom 783 raw scans

Kingdom 783 raw scans

For now, only the spoilers and summary are out for Kingdom 783 raw scans. As of writing, the raw scans have also been released. So where you can see raw scans first? At @shanks_yonko7 and @plus_spoiler, the raw scans will be dropped first.

While Shibashou’s main army prepares to assault Ousen, 10,000 infantrymen and a cavalry unit under Kan Saro attack Sou’Ou’s army from the flanks. Along with Ji Aga, they pincer Sou’Ou as they resume their assault. With his injuries apparent, Denrimi commands an urgent retreat to Ousen lest the Qin force become trapped.

By saying that they isolated his and Akou’s forces so Shibashou could advance unimpeded, Sou’Ou confirms this. Denrimi loses it and cries out that Shin split his unit to pursue Riboku, sealing off the Hi Shin Unit on the right. The Gyoku Hou, meantime, are down 10,000 men due to Ou Hon’s decision to reinforce the right wing.


Kingdom 783 raw scans

Denrimi says that before Riboku showed up in Kingdom 783 raw scans. Their system allowed the right flank and center to work together. But now they’ve lost that advantage. The plan all along was for Shibashou and Ousen to square off. Even when Ousen’s archers begin to fire, Shibashou remains unfazed. After Kanjou figures out what’s going on and realizes this is the ultimate showdown, he arrives with the last twenty thousand Gyoku Hou.

Shibashou summons an officer before the Gyoku Hou even considers making contact. The Qin soldiers begin to rejoice at the damage they’ve received as the Gyoku Hou land a heavy blow on Shibashou’s army.

The fact that Shibashou’s army resisted the attack and suffered almost no casualties. Nevertheless, hits them like a ton of bricks. At long last, Shibashou’s forces can establish contact with Ousen’s. As Shibashou raises his glaive, the soldiers of Ousen yell out to remain steadfast.

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Shin group!

At long last, Shin’s group storms the castle. Outside the stronghold, Ten tells the HSU to prevent any escape attempts since she fears Riboku is among the regular soldiers. Garo remarks that Riboku’s little castle backfired as Sosui took control of the gates.

When Kanto questions a Zhao soldier about Riboku, the soldier confesses ignorance and gives himself up. Shin orders his soldiers to disperse and scour the castle under the assumption that Futei is hiding out somewhere as a final resort.

Soldiers outside the fortress begin to celebrate their impending triumph, but Ten has a sudden epiphany and loses her balance, falling off her horse in disbelief. She can’t believe she’s falling for such a childish scheme and begins to call herself an idiot.

The men working for Shin summon him to come and examine something. He views what he thinks is Riboku but is the entrance to a tunnel under the city. Fans are excited after reading the Kingdom 783 raw scans and spoilers on the internet for now.

Kingdom Chapter 783
Kingdom manga/ Credit: Young Jump Comics

Where The Fans Can Read the Official Chapter?

The fans and readers don’t have to wait long as Kingdom 783 raw scans will be released on January 2, 2024, at 12 am JST. The manga can be read on Young Jump Comics. You can also stream the anime on Crunchyroll.

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