Ao Ashi 357 spoilers and raw scans are out!

With the great match against Esperion and Barcelona going on, Ao Ashi 357 spoilers are finally out. For now, Barcelona has been dominating the possession game. They are showing why they are called one of the best teams in Spain. In this article, check out the manga chapter 357 spoilers and summary, along with raw scan information.

Ao Ashi 357 spoilers
Ao Ashi manga/ Credit: Shogakun Asia and Big Comics Spirit

Release Date for Ao Ashi 357

The manga, Ao Ashi 357 release date is January 22, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeJanuary 22, 202412:00 a.m. (KST)
Pacific Standard TimeJanuary 21, 20247:00 a.m. (PST)
Indian Standard TimeJanuary 21, 20247:00 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeJanuary 21, 20244:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard TimeJanuary 22, 20241:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeJanuary 22, 202412:00 a.m. (JST)

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Raw Scans and Summary for Ao Ashi 357 spoilers

The wait is over after a week as Ao Ashi 357 spoilers were recently released. The raw scans will be available to read on the Ao Ashi subreddit group.

As Kuribayashi shocks Kenny and Romeo, Saejima writhes in his chair. In the middle of the field, Kuribayashi finds himself surrounded by Falco and Xhaka.

Yet, he skillfully evades their advances. While Xhaka gazes in awe at Falco, the latter abruptly exits the scene. Kuribayashi’s question echoes in the thoughts of the first-year students, causing them to relax once more.


As Kuribayashi gets a pass, Xhaka and Sarel clamp down on him. When Sarel sees Kuri, he rushes over at full speed and viciously tackles him on the back in Ao Ashi 357 spoilers.

Kuribayashi maintains his composure and uses the ball’s momentum to his advantage, spinning around while keeping it at his feet. While Ashito watches in awe of Kuri’s agility, the latter sprints up the field.

Yoshitsune, Togashi, and Yamada are all watching the action from Japan. Arguing that Kuri can draw the opposition to him and that Barca’s defense is prone to leaving one player exposed.

As Kuri sprints past, Kiriki swiftly returns it after receiving it from Kuribayashi on his right. Another one-two between Kiriki and Kuribayashi sends the ball hurtling into Barca’s side in Ao Ashi 357 spoilers.

Kuribayashi magic

Ashito remembers Kiriki telling him to “look for Kuribayashi and pass to him.” The duo of Kiriki and Kuri had advanced to within a few yards of Barca’s box.

As Kuri laughs and leaps above Diniz’s tackle, the crowd erupts in a thunderous yell, and the action cuts away.

In disbelief, Barcelona watches. With Kuri fresh in his mind from their time at the Cantera, Romeo is unsurprised. Kuribayashi is the only Esperion resident, according to Kenny, who could maybe fit in Barca. “How much time has elapsed?” Kuribayashi wonders to himself. 3?”. That’s the end of the Ao Ashi 357 spoilers.

Ao Ashi 357 spoilers
Ao Ashi manga/ Credit: Shogakun Asia and Big Comics Spirit

Barca Dynamics

By comparing the percentages of possession between experienced and inexperienced players, it becomes evident that Barca’s control poses a big danger to Yuri’s squad.

Regardless of their initial strategy, the players—particularly the rookies—are freaking out due of Barca’s chronic stress. To counter Barca’s relentless assault, Coach Fukuda advises his team to remain focused and patient.

The highs and lows of the game depict the struggle as Yuri’s squad strives to regain the upper hand.

Ao Ashi 357 spoilers

Where the fans can read Ao Ashi 357

The readers and fandom can enjoy the manga, Ao Ashi 357 on Shogakukan Asia and Big Spirit Comics.

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