Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers and raw scans: Sei Decision?

From the previous chapter, you can truly say that Kansaro is the Top G and you can’t hate this man. However, on the other side, King Sei is facing a thought situation. Soon the Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers and raw scans will be out and we will see how Qin will react.

Raw Scans and Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers

According to the first Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers, the chapter title is “The Three Pillars”. Also, the manga will be getting a color page to celebrate the 800th chapter. Raws will be out soon on @yomu_manga on Twitter/X.

King Sei has made a decision and it looks like he is not going to give up on the idea of unification which was expected.

Shou Hei Kun seems upset in Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers, as he has not beaten Riboku even once now.

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Recap of Chapter 799

The previous chapter starts with the hug between Souou and Shiryou. She says that Souou shouldn’t have done something reckless. Once she had recovered, she would have killed 5-6 members and would have escaped from there.

Kansaro’s retainer says how he should be thankful to Kansaro, as he was the one who gave the order to save this woman. Jigaan had enough after seeing their reunion as he was now prepared to kill Souou.

Then Souou makes one last request to Kansaro to let Shiryou leave for the Qin, instead, he can take his head.

You can’t hate him!

Kansaro then says he would not have let him meet with the woman if he intended to kill Souou here. To honor his bravery, Kansaro released both of them.

Souou was really thankful to him as he said that he would never forget this debt and left with Shiryou back to Qin.

At Zhao, the people were celebrating their victory over the Qin soldiers. Riboku and Seika’s army was a hot topic among them.

In the royal court, everyone was tense and was planning to bring down Riboku’s fame or they might get into trouble soon.

El Sei Decision?

Next in the chapter, we saw Riboku and Shibashou talking with each other. Riboku talked about how they dealt a massive blow to the Qin. Now, it would be very difficult for them to pursue their plan for unification.

He also thanked Shibashou and the Seika army for participating in the war. Meanwhile, Shibashou tells him that Qin might have not given up the idea of unification that easily.

In the end, it will come down to how King Sei will make the decision, who was in deep thought in the last panel.

Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers
Kingdom season 5 anime stills/ Credit:  Pierrot, Studio Signpost, Shueisha

Thoughts and Conclusion

I believe that Souou and Shiryou both might retire and will live a normal life from now on. This will deal another blow to Ousen’s army as now he dosen’t have any more capable generals. Probably Ouhon who might step up to help his father in some ways. Also, what King Sei decides will be interesting to see from here in Kingdom Chapter 800 spoilers.

Release Date for Kingdom Chapter 800

The manga, Kingdom Chapter 800 is all set to release on June 20, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeJune 20, 202412:00 a.m. (KST)
Pacific Standard TimeJune 19, 20247:00 a.m. (PST)
Indian Standard TimeJune 19, 20248:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeJune 19, 20244:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard TimeJune 20, 20241:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeJune 20, 202412:00 a.m. (JST)

Where the fans can read Chapter 800

Fans and readers can read and enjoy the Manhwa Kingdom Chapter 800 only on the Young Jump.

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