Black Clover 369 raw scans, spoilers, and live updates

After so long Asta and his company are back as Black Clover 369 raw scans and spoilers are about to drop. As a paladin, Morgen Faust displays his enhanced power by exposing his second magical ability, Dark Magic. Morgen claims to be the most powerful Magic Knight after he uses both light and dark magic to defeat Yami Sukehiro.

At the same time, Yuno is up against not one but several Lucius clones, and Marx Francois is worried that their prospects of defeating Lucius’s Time Magic will be severely diminished if Yuno were to fall. Asta shows up with the Black Bulls, uses Anti Magic to make them stronger, challenges Lucius, and then saves Yuno.

Spoilers and Live Updates for Black Clover 369 raw scans

Guess what, @Scanpiea is soon going to drop the Black Clover 369 raw scans on the Twitter platform. You can follow them as they will also update the translation for the chapter.

The fans are already going wild as everyone is now patiently waiting. We might see Asta and Yuno going against Lucius in this chapter with some peak art.

The first page of Black Clover 369 raw scans opens with Asta and Yuno together saying they are going to defeat Lucius. And will become the Wizard King. More information can be found on @Scanpiea.

Recap of Chapter 368

Paladin Morgen demonstrates his newfound ability to employ both Light and Dark Magic after defeating Yami Sukehiro in this chapter. At the same time, Lucius Zogratis is using gravity and spatial magic in his combat, which is making it difficult for Yuno Grinberryall to keep up. Fortunately, the Black Bulls arrive to lend a hand, setting the stage for a crucial scene in the story. A heated altercation breaks out between Morgen and Yami.

Morgen takes note of Yami’s enhanced power, but he shifts his focus to Lucius’s Dark Magic (Yami Mahou). The combination of light and dark magic that Morgen uses causes Yami to be overwhelmed. Hope we get soo Yami in Black Clover 369 raw scans.

Asta & Yuno vs Lucius

The duel between Yuno and Lucius is far from over. Lucius employs his Space Magic to create clones and his Gravity Magic to limit Yuno’s magical abilities. Tired and confused, Yuno is struggling. Help arrives in the form of the Black Bulls. The massive robot known as the Raging Bull makes an appearance with the Black Bulls.

While promising Yuno their help, they ensnare Lucius’s clones with their power. Yuno and Asta work things out. At that location, Asta re-meets up with Yuno. Lucius has injured Yuno, and Asta is furious with him. Asta vows to kill Lucius.

In the final moments of the chapter, Asta and Yuno unite to confront Lucius. The story is about to take a turn, and the Spade Kingdom battle is almost at its climax when this occurs. We can’t wait for the next exciting episode to find out how Asta and Yuno deal with Lucius. Now everyone waits for Black Clover 369 raw scans.

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Black Clover 369 raw scans

Release Date and Where To Read Black Clover 369

The manga, Black Clover 369 release date is December 25, 2023, at 12 am JST. The official Twitter feed of Weekly Shonen Jump, @WSJ_manga, has confirmed it. You will be able to read on Manga Plus, Viz Media, and Giga Jump Comics.

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