Choujin X Chapter 47 release date and raw scans

Sui Ishida’s newly started manga, Choujin X Chapter 47 is soon going to release. In Tokio’s more intricate social system, there are many different types of allies and foes, each with their own set of skills. We observe his slow but steady growth along an alternate path.

Tokio seems ready to carve out his path as a rising star in this dangerous world of monsters and superhumans as the story delves more into these personalities and powers. The following chapter of that story begins with his confrontation with an attacker from his past.

Release Date for Choujin X Chapter 47

The manga, Choujin X Chapter 47 is going to release on December 23, 2023. It is expected that the raws will be out by tomorrow on Tonari no Young Jump. Also, the long holiday weekend is coming so the fans can expect the translation by January.

For now, even Manga Plus has not published the release date for now. You can also follow, Choujin X on Reddit for raw scans and updates.

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Review for Chapter 46

Chapter 46 of Choujin X wasn’t quite nail-biting, but it was brief, charming, and hilarious all the same. Was interesting to see what Ely has been up to; we guessed she stole again, but we haven’t seen her use it much. We don’t sure how this will play out in the end, despite how awesome she is right now because we know that stealing skills impact the mind.

Seeing two female characters engage in a male-centered plot without mentioning or emphasizing men, in general, is strangely refreshing. Enjoying some downtime. It’s not common enough, but it does happen occasionally.

Some crucial points from the chapter

With a little guidance from Tokio, Palma learns how to harness her Beastification powers. With so much pain associated with the event, I can’t help but worry how it will all play out. The Chaosification process not only physically tore her apart, but it also forced her to relive several painful experiences from her life. The prospect of Tokio serving as a mentor is intriguing in any case.

On a story level, it would have been fantastic if Ely had taken Shiozaki’s Sinker ability. The only thing stopping him from playing baseball again, he said, was his Choujin persona. In my opinion, this would be a subtle but significant method to bring the Sinker arc’s parts full circle.

Performing a “Partial Enhancement” while already in Full Beast form, Tokio. I guess that he used a claw that looks more metallic in the Vol. 8 depiction; if so, that would explain his actions here. Now that we know he has more than just Beautification capabilities from the Adamantine Harpe, I’m curious to discover what additional abilities he may have acquired.

Choujin X Chapter 47
Choujin X manga/ Credit: Tonari no Young Jump/ Sui Ishida/ Manga Plus

Where The Fans Can Read Choujin X Chapter 47

The fans and readers can read the manga, Choujin X Chapter 47 on Tonari no Young Jump. The official english translation can be found on the Manga Plus app and website.

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