Choujin X Chapter 49 release date: Poppy Fields

Sui Ishida’s new work, Choujin X Chapter 49 is very much anticipated after the last chapter. Tokio and Ely have found themself in a difficult situation. Although they have found the poppy fields, the mission is not going to be that easy. In this article, learn more about the manga updates, recap, and more.

Release Date for Choujin X Chapter 49

The update is finally here. Chapter 49 of Choujin X will be released on February 10, 2024, at 12 am JST. It will be released on the Tonari no jump website in raw version.

Recently, Ishida has talked about working more on the manga. We will update the article when the release date and more information will be available.

I think maybe shortly, we might get the manga every week. This will be a huge win for the fans who love this manga.

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Recap of Chapter 48

Chapter 48 of Choujin X starts with everyone arriving at Zora’s poppy field. What everyone noticed first was the Giants. They were made of huge rocks and were called Golems.

The water and fertilize the poppy fields. Nude tells them how he is afraid to even get close to them. They are the caretakers exactly.

Tokio decided to fly towards the field and started to think about how he could destroy it. But suddenly he felt that there was a Choujin nearby.

Cabirol vs Tokio and Ely

The golems suddenly started to Tokio. Then next in Chapter 48 of Choujin X, we are introduced to a new character. His name is Caribol 16 and it seems he controls those guardians.

Together with Ely, Tokio started to fight against those golems. In beastification mode, he was able to do some damage. However, Ely’s smoke power seems to be unaffected towards them.

It will be interesting to see how Tokio and Ely will deal with this new threat. Maybe Palma and Nude might give them a hand in the Choujin X Chapter 49.

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Choujin X Chapter 49
Choujin X manga/ Credit: Tonari no Young Jump/ Sui Ishida/ Manga Plus

What has happened so far?

Before that, we got to see two Choujins return. Bramble and Darkness Choujin were back and both Tokio and Ely were happy to meet them again. However, Palma was a little confused as she had never met them before.

We got to see great bonding and happy moments with them. they were also proud of their students and promised that they would fight against Zora in the future.

Also, it seems that Ely wants to steal Zora’s power. Maybe this is a foreshadowing of the calamity which has yet to arrive.

Next in the story, along with Nude and Palma, they are headed to find Poppy fields. This is very crucial to the mission.

Where the fans can read Choujin X Chapter 49

The fans and readers can enjoy the manga, Choujin X Chapter 49 only on Manga Plus and Tonari no Young Jump Comics and website.

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