24+ Best Kingdom Manga Arcs Ranked

When it comes to war, strategy, plot, and historical events, Kingdom manga stand on top like a mountain. With over 790+ chapters, the manga is still ongoing where chapter releases every week. In this article, we will talk about the best Kingdom Manga arcs ranked from worst to good.

24. Kyou Kai Conflict

Not the most entertaining arc, but it was great to see her character getting redeemed. Hara did a great job of writing her backstory and character development. Currently, many fans love her character and hope that she will end up with Shin at the end of the manga.

23. Zhao Crisis

The King of the Zhao state was the true piece of s*it. He literally didn’t care about anything except enjoy with girls in his bath area. His death was kind of satisfying but they replaced the King with his other son who was almost the same as him.

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22. Nature of Humanity

Kingdom Manga Arcs
Kingdom manga/ Credit: Young Jump Comics/ Shueisha

Personally, I felt this arc to be boring. Kanki’s defeat affected the whole state of Qin, as he was the newly appointed six great Generals. I heard some fans say how Kaniki got defeated by Riboku easily.

But it ain’t true, and I think Kanki took Riboku to his extreme state. It was just that he got outsmarted by him.

21. Third Faction

The introduction of the queen’s mother and all the conflict that happens inside the Kanyou make this arc interesting. It was short but was kind of good. We also got to see how far the queen’s mother can go for her goals.

20. Sanyou Aftermath

Shin became the 1000-man commander and was tasked with the subjugation of the Sanyou region. However, without Kyo Kai who usually used to handle the strategy, they were on a losing streak. Ka Ryo Ten’s arrival as a strategist really turned the tide for them.

19. Conspiracy in the court

Maybe some might consider it somewhat boring but for me, it was pretty interesting. The struggle for the King’s throne with El Sei and Ryo Fei was brilliantly portrayed. Sei Kyou’s character development and his sacrifice truly made me burst into tears. Never thought this person could change so much.

18. Fire Dragons of Wei

Combat and tactics were solid, but the villains in this storyline aren’t really good. Gai Mou’s army kidnapping Ten gave a little heart scare but in the end, it was resolved smoothly. The fights were good in this arc.

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17. Assassination plot

The assassins were after El Sei. Kyo Kai’s real identity was revealed in this arc. the fight between Kai and Shin was incredible and Shin realized that she was a lot stronger than him in the sword battle.

16. Alliance

Everything about the sudden ceasefire with Zhao’s kingdom—the one that invaded Qin and killed Ou Ki—kept me on the edge of my seat. It was also wonderful to negotiate and get to know everyone better.

15. Training

This arc introduced us Ryo Fui faction and they have the real aura. There were a lot of good moments with Shin and Ou Ki, but felt this arc was too short.

14. Kyou Kai Revenge

Kingdom Manga Arcs
Credit: Shueisha

There was a lot of speculation that Kyou Kai might die by fulfilling her revenge. I would have cursed Hara repeatedly if that would have happened. We saw Kyou Kai in true rage and her powers. Some of the manga panels were truly spectacular in this arc.

13. Bureaucrats job

What we have here is a fantastic idea, the meeting of two monarchs. However, delving into the topic of the leadership style of China to ensure legal equality for all was an incredible discussion in and of itself. The remaining two Ryu Fei faction members’ dedication to the king’s cause and the king of Qi’s speech were also superb.

12. Escape from Zhao

The past story of El Sei and how he managed to escape from Zhao with the merchants. He truly admired the sacrifice of the woman who gave her life in order to protect him and make sure he reached Qin safely.

11. War of the three states

The characters presented here seem like they will play a significant role later on; in fact, this entire arc serves as a prologue or setup for what’s to come. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the alliance with Wei and the battle with Chu.

10. First Campaign

This will be always loved by Kingdom fans as this showed the start of Shin’s journey to becoming a great General. Since seeing the hardships of a regular soldier is something we don’t often witness in the story, this conflict is starting to feel a little melancholy.

9. Sei Kyou Rebellion

The fight for the throne between the brothers. It captivated me from the first page of the first arc, the finest beginning to this incredible manga that I could have imagined.

8. Battle of Ying Qiu

The mad bloodshed done by Kan Ki and the strategies that were used in this arc were just brilliant. We also saw Shin’s growth in this arc as a general.

7. State of Ai

This arc encompasses the finest that the kingdom has to offer: the coronation and speech of Qin’s monarch, and the final settlement of the dispute between El Sei and Ryu Fei.

Qin hanging by a thread once again, and the satisfactory finale to the issue involving the queen’s mother.

6. Zhao Retaliation

At this time in the manga, Riboku has proven himself to be the greatest great general, and Kan Ki has reached his pinnacle. His past, tactics, personality, army, and death are all brilliantly depicted.

5. Western Zhao Invasion

The longest-running arc of the manga. The Qin and Zhao armies formally began their protracted war at this time. These crises have persisted ever before the Battle of Bayou, long before Ei Sei formally declared war on the state of Zhao.

4. Koku You Campaign

Shin of the Hi Shin Unit kills Kei Sha in a duel. Kyou Kai kills Ryuu Tou, who was Rigan’s Ki Sui’s left arm. Kan Ki’s extraordinary skill in battle is on full display in his unconventional tactics, which include his readiness to brutalize any surrounding people and torture soldiers.

When it comes to the Kokuyou regions of Zhao, the Qin came out on top. Ri Boku asserts that he discovered Kan Ki’s vulnerability as a result of Kei Sha’s demise.

Although they did not face charges for their assault on Kan Ki and his colleagues, the Hi Shin Unit also did not receive any compensation for the death of Kei Sha.

3. Battle of Bayou

Best Kingdom Manga Arcs
Credit: Shueisha

Probably the saddest arc in the series where we witness Ouki’s death who was one of the best six great generals of the Qin. His death left a great impact on Shin. The introduction of Hou Ken and Shin getting the Ouki weapon were all top moments in this Best Kingdom Manga Arcs.

2. Sanyou Campaign

Instead of fighting one other, the governments of Qin and Zhao have decided to form an alliance and concentrate on their own problems and struggles. To seize Sanyou and its surrounding area from the Wei kingdom, the Qin Kingdom launches an offensive.

Ren Pa, a formidable general who defected from Zhao’s Three Great Heavens and now fights for Wei, presents them with a perilous adversary and formidable challenge. He has four heavenly kings with him, in addition to the Great General!

1. Coalition invasion is the Best Kingdom Manga Arcs

One of the best-written manga arcs that left goosebumps, tension, and surprises with every chapter. It was truly unfair and disadvantageous for Qin to fight against the alliance of other states.

They still put up the fight and were able to make them retreat and stand victorious in the end.

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