My Landlady Noona Manhwa Concludes After 137 Chapters

One of the best and my personal favourites, My Landlady Noona Manhwa has finally ended with Chapter 137. It was a wholesome ride till now. The fans are hoping we might get some reviews or side stories from next. Raw Scans and spoilers are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. You can read the manhwa on Toptoon and Day Comics officially.

Chapter 137 recap, review, and ending

The final chapter of My Landlady Noona Manhwa showed us Minwhoo’s past once again when his parents used to fight a lot. He started to get irritated with all that but nobody seemed to care for him.

Back to the present, he was spending his time with Nari. They talk about Minwoo’s proposal to Hari. We were also shown the flashback scene where Hari accepted the ring and kissed.

I know Nari was sad as she didn’t hoped that she have any chance now. But Minwoo surprises her with another ring and proposes to her. Nari was shocked just like Hari fans. They thought it would be a solo ending.

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My Landlady Noona Manhwa
Nari/ Credit: Toptoon

What happened with Bada?

He then goes on to explain to Nari that Hari was scared that Nari would be unhappy because he proposed to her first. After that, he reveals to her that Hari is keen on the idea of them all sharing a house. Nari also asked Minwoo to promise her that he would love both sisters equally which he agreed to.

Bada has moved to America where she is working at a tattoo shop. She only attends to female customers. Her hair is now a paler shade of blonde, which Minwoo observes when she occasionally sends selfies to him. From time to time, she talks with him over the phone. I guess they ended up as a best friend.

What happened with Yohee?

This was my favourite girl and the situation with her and Minwoo broke me, not going to lie. It appears that Yuhee went offline for a bit before secretly posting a photo of her baby’s shoes to her messenger profile.

Minwoo believes it can’t be his child, right? Yuhee remains unresponsive despite his repeated attempts to reach out to her. One day, she had stealthily left her room in Hari’s building and relocated to a wealthy area known for its excellent child care.

A security guard at Hari’s building then informs her that Minwoo has found a partner while she is there snooping. Assuming she is his friend, he invites her to come and say hello. She inquires about the new chicken coop with the guard, who informs her that Minwoo constructed it.

He continues by telling her that, much as Hari looked after Minwoo initially, he is now looking after everyone close to him now that he is doing well. Yuhee then turns to leave after picturing Minwoo, a little boy, sobbing since she isn’t there to console him.

She assures the guard that she would never return to the building, despite his warning that she will never see MC again once she departs because he is moving out. I hope we can get side stories where she gets proper treatment from Minwoo.

My Landlady Noona Manhwa
Hari/ Credit: Toptoon

The Ending

At the end, we see Hari and Minwoo leaving their apartment. Hari never thought that this day would come. Nari is not present, maybe she might be working on her Idolt career.

A car drives them away, and the scene concludes with a shot of four young chicks, two hens, and one c*ck, alluding to the sisters’ and his future. Now there are some things that are still not clear.

I hope we get at least 2-3 side stories. The sister’s duo scene can’t be missed, The author and artist have to deliver that. Let’s wait and see for next Thursday.

Know about My Landlady Noona manhwa

My Landlady Noona manhwa was first started back in 2021. Written and Illustrated by Mamba, Congee, and Kongbiji. Minwoo who is our main character lives on rent with her pretty Noona’s: Hari and Nari.

He started to feel more attracted to Hari and they both finally crossed the line one day. From there it’s all about drama, love, and wholesomeness with more great characters.

Where the fans can read My Landlady Noona Manhwa

The fans and readers can read and enjoy My Landlady Noona Manhwa on Toptoon and Day Comics officially.

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