Negai no Astro Chapter 1 release date, plot, & where to read

Next week Shonen Jump magazine’s 20th issue, Ken Wakui’s upcoming new manga, Negai no Astro Chapter 1 will be released. Ken is known for his famous manga Tokyo Revengers. The fans are excited to know more about the new manga, where they can read the manga and more details.

Release Date for Negai no Astro Chapter 1

The manga, Negai no Astro Chapter 1 is all set to release on April 15, 2024. It is expected that manga will run every week on Jump magazine. The manga is also known by the other name Wishful Astro.

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Where to Read Negai no Astro Chapter 1

The Japanese fans can read the Negai no Astro Chapter 1 in the weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Digitally online it will be available on Manga Plus and Viz Media app and website officially.

The Plot of Negai no Astro Chapter 1

Supernatural Action is set during the succession war of the Yotsurugi-gumi yakuza clan focusing on a boy who aims to become the strongest yakuza and his friend whom he wants to see as the next group leader.

The first chapter is expected to have 58 pages which will also include a color page and will also feature on the cover issue of #20 Jump issue.

What to Expect

So what can fans and readers expect from Negai no Astro? If you have read or watched Tokyo Revengers, then you might know what this will be about.

Pure action, gang wars, delinquents, high school edgy teenagers with different drips and styles. From the plot and description, we can also expect some supernatural powers from the main character.

Tokyo Revengers had time travel, from the leaks of Negai no Astro Chapter 1 we can see Hibaru (main character) gaining some kind of tattoo. Seems it might be powers and supernatural stuff. To know more, the fans have to wait for now and see what Ken Wakui cook with this.

Negai no Astro Chapter 1
Fan art of Negai no Astro/ Credit: @KAZUST4R on Twitter/X

Know about Tokyo Revengers

The pinnacle of Takemichi Hanagaki’s life occurred during his second year of middle school. A girlfriend, a group of reliable friends, and respect were all things he possessed. Well, it was back in the year 2000.

These days, he’s just another forgotten bygone, a prankster who kids tease and who has to constantly apologise to his younger boss. To rub salt in the wound, the news broke out of the blue that the Tokyo Manji Gang brutally murdered his one and only lover, along with her brother. Takemichi has a flashback to the same day twelve years earlier, when he was still seeing Hinata Tachibana, just thirty seconds before a train smashes into his miserable life, ending it forever.

Meet Hinata’s younger brother when Takemichi is compelled to repeat the day that started his downfall. He fumbles through an admission of his apparent demise and then has a flashback to his history. Before mysteriously teleporting back to the future, Takemichi begs him to keep his sister safe.

To my amazement, he is still alive. Even stranger, things are going differently now. It appears that Takemichi has the ability to change the passage of time. When presented with the opportunity to alter the future and save his ex-girlfriend from the terrible fate she suffered at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi seizes the chance.

Where to Read and Watch Tokyo Revengers

The fans can read the manga Tokyo Revengers on Kodansha. The anime can be streamed officially on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Disney Hostar, and Amazon Prime Video.

There are a total of three seasons for the anime and manga has 278+ chapters and it has been completed.

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