No more early leaks & spoilers for Jjk, Mha, and One Piece?

The recent news has shocked the fans on Twitter. Yes, from now on no more early leaks & spoilers for Jjk, Mha, and One Piece. Sandman san reported today on Twitter that 2 foreigners in their 30s were arrested in Tokyo for posting Shonen Jump manga on the Internet before the release date.

The reason why no more early leaks & spoilers for Jjk and others

A Japanese news website NHK Japan reported today that two Tokyo-based limited liability business managers are facing allegations of copyright infringement for allegedly engaging in “early discovery,” the practice of publishing photographs of manga magazines online before their official release.

The self-proclaimed 36-year-old Musa Samir, who operates the Japan Deal World LLC in Kita Ward, Tokyo, was one of two foreign nationals apprehended.

An investigation by the police has found that in March of last year, the two individuals in question unlawfully uploaded picture data of a popular manga series to the Internet before its publication in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine. And it was made viewable. Using his cell phone to steal and replicate magazine photographs was the basis for his accusation of copyright infringement last month.

Based on what we know about the inquiry so far, the suspects allegedly bought the magazines in Tokyo retailers before their release date, a practice known as “early discovery.”

The authorities are now looking into the matter; they performed a cyber sweep in March of last year.

The police are undertaking a thorough investigation since they believe other individuals may have been involved. This is the reason why there will be problems with early leaks & spoilers for Jjk, Mha, and other manga.

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Famous leaker and Scanlation Group

early leaks & spoilers for Jjk

The famous translation group and leaker Scanpeia has also deactivated their account on Twitter and Discord. For a few months, they were always posting the leaks and spoilers on early Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before anyone.

This activity indicates that they were somehow involved in buying those Jump magazines early. So will there be no more early leaks & spoilers for Jjk, Mha, and One Piece?

I would say that we will be getting the raw scans on Thursday or Friday from now on. Also, the text spoilers might be coming out as usual, hope so.

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