Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Anime Adaptation Confirmed!

This is probably the best way to start a day. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Anime Adaptation is been confirmed and it is in production. One of the best Webtoon manhwa is on the way to get an Anime. Kim Dokja fans might be pretty excited and thrilled after getting the news. Along with that, soon 2 more manhwa-based anime will be announced, follow us to get updated about that news too. Let’s check out more information about Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Anime Adaptation in this article.

Webtoon’s Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Anime Adaptation

The news was shared by @SugoiLITE on Twitter a few hours before. The hint was already passed a day before. And the fans were waiting and guessing which manhwa was going to be next. For now, it’s in production and which studio is it in has not been revealed yet.

After, Tower of God, God of High School, and Solo Leveling, we are going to see Kim Dokja in action. As for the other two manhwa, I highly believe it can be Wind Breaker or Eleceed.

However, getting a historic romance based, Remarried Empress also got a high chance of getting an anime adaptation.

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Know more about Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

After hearing about Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Anime Adaptation, many fans and readers still don’t know about this manhwa. Many of them haven’t read this peak yet.

This manhwa is based on a web novel of the same name which was written by Shing Shong. Immediate adaptation into a webtoon followed the conclusion of the web novel in February 2020.

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Anime Adaptation
Kim Dokja from Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint/ Credit: Naver and Webtoons

Kim Dokja

Redice Studio is making the webtoon. In Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, we meet Kim Dokja, a regular office worker, and her powerful nature. The work of anonymous author tls123’s “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” is the sole source of joy in his life.

But when Dokja’s favorite book comes to life, his ordinary life takes a turn. Kim Dokja, who has the upper hand as the sole reader of the novel, battles his way through the events, befriending both friends and enemies along the way.

The characters in Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint have become fan favorites thanks to their unique personalities, and the tale and universe it presents are intriguing as well. Along with unique abilities, these characters can endure the post-apocalyptic world in which they find themselves.

Release Date for Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 193

Just like the Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Anime Adaptation, the manga Chapter 193 is all set to release on January 16, 2024, at 12 am KST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeJanuary 16, 202412:00 a.m. (KST)
Pacific Standard TimeJanuary 15, 20248:00 a.m. (PST)
Indian Standard TimeJanuary 15, 20248:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeJanuary 15, 20244:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard TimeJanuary 16, 20241:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeJanuary 16, 202412:00 a.m. (JST)

The fans can read the manhwa, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 193 on Naver and Webtoons platform officially.

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