One Punch Man 201: Flash meets the God?

The fans have waited long and finally, One Punch Man 201 has been released. For now, it is only available on Tonari no Jump comics and website. The fight between Ninja’s village leader against Sonic and Flash has started. Check out more details, reviews, and fans’ reactions here in this article.

Review and What happened in One Punch Man 201

One Punch Man 201 starts with Sonic getting shocked after seeing that person. Flash even started to belittle that guy. Saying how he could sip the blood of every person from the ninja village. It’s very like him, Void of the sky.

That person says that the Flash knows his name and starts to talk about Blast. Right after that, Falsh attacks first in One Punch Man 201.

Seeing Sonic standing still Flash asked him to also attack. Saying there is no need to have any hope and kill that guy immediately.

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Too strong

Sonic also joined the party and then both started to fight against him. Next, we see that guy vomited the cube out of his mouth.

Meanwhile Sonic just stands there in a daze watching the overpowered fight between the ninja village leader and Flashy Flash in One Punch Man 201.

The ninja village leader catches Falsh off guard. Flash is in an illusion where he sees Sonic’s head in his head. Catching him off guard ninja village leader uses the cube next to him.

At the end of the chapter, we see Flash meeting a God in his childish appearance.

Recap of Chapter 200

Chapter 200 of One Punch Man starts with Flash letting Sonic and Ninja Village people know about God’s plan. He believes that the ninja village was a testing ground for creating minions of God.

The image of a village as a ninja assassin was just a facade by that man. From that man’s perspective, everyone where not elite but failures.

Ninja Village Leader

Sonic was shocked and asked if that was all true. Flash tells him that if he doesn’t believe he can ask with Blast. And right after that, something started to happen with everyone.

Finally, the Ninja Village leader arrives, and what a dynamic entry that was. All the people’s blood flew out of their bodies and from that formed the leader.

One Punch Man 201
Credit: Jump Comics/ Tonari no Jump

Know about One Punch Man

Being a hero is a somewhat unusual pastime for the unassuming Saitama. For three years, Saitama trained diligently, causing him to lose all of his hair, so he could fulfill his childhood goal.

With his newfound strength, Saitama can now vanquish any foe with a single punch. Unfortunately, Saitama has run into an unforeseen difficulty due to the lack of a suitable opponent: he has grown bored and no longer enjoys the excitement of battle.

When 19-year-old cyborg Genos sees Saitama’s power, he becomes enamored with him and wants to follow in his footsteps. Genos suggests that they become certified heroes and receive recognition for their good services to society by joining the Hero Association.

Shocked that nobody recognizes him, Saitama promptly consents. In his new role as a member of the Hero Association, Saitama meets new friends and faces new enemies, rediscovering the thrill of battle he previously knew.

Where the fans can read One Punch Man 201

The fans and readers can enjoy One Punch Man 201 on the Tonari no Jump website and magazine. Also, you can follow @Everything_OPM_ on Twitter to find the english translation which will be out soon.

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