Ordeal Manhwa season 3 release date and character designs

The fandom is patiently waiting for Ordeal Manhwa season 3 for now. Although the release date has not been announced yet, but Brent Grey has recently shared some character designs from the upcoming season. Let’s check out more information in this article.

Release Date and Where To Read Ordeal Manhwa season 3

Ordeal Manhwa season 3
Credit: brentgrey

Season 2 of the Ordeal Manhwa ended on February 2, 2024. If we have to predict, I think around September or October the Ordeal Manhwa Season 3 might get released.

For now Brent Bristol, aka Bren Grey has shared some of his character designs from the upcoming season 3. You can officially read the manhwa on the Webtoons platform.

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What is Ordeal Manhwa all about?

Although he lives in a universe filled with supernatural “Kimyos” (meaning strange), Che remains resolute in his goal of becoming the greatest fighter who has ever lived. Following the assassination of his mentor, Che takes it upon himself to get revenge and track out those responsible for the crime.

But Che quickly discovers that the Kimyo universe is far bigger than he had anticipated and that he may be a Kimyo as well, with the solar energy that would make him the strongest Kimyo on Earth. Will Che’s newfound strength be enough to keep him going, or will he eventually succumb to the pressure?

Review and Opinion

On the discord community, I stumbled upon this manhwa. I was captivated by the art and action specifically. After that, I gave it a try and I was hooked instantly.

Che, the main character here is a black character which is quite rare to see in the manga and manhwa. Plus this guy along with his gang has a lot of swag and drip, not going to lie.

The Ordeal manhwa gives the shonen vibes. The art is unique, plus well-drawn perceptions, and choreographed fights.

The bonding between Che and his friends along with his master is great to see. Every side character along with villains is well written with their backstory.

Dragon Ball Z, superpowers, power system, and martial arts, that’s the main thing you will get from the manhwa. There is a little bit romance, and I hope that I can see more in Ordeal Manhwa Season 3.

How did it start?

While doing some research, I learned that this manhwa by Brent Bristol was started as a school assignment. Now this was insane, right?

I think probably the feedback Brent would have gotten from his peers and teachers might have led him to continue the series. After that, he decided to upload the series on Webtoon. And then, Bang! it blew up.

Although it’s quite popular and has a fanbase, I still think the manhwa is underrated. I hope my article reaches many vivid readers and they at least give it a try to this amazing manhwa.

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