Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 spoilers, summary, and raw scans

Finally, the wait is almost over as Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 spoilers and summary are finally out now. The real Takamine and Nino showed up on the set of the ’15-Year Lie’ movie in the previous chapter. The former idols were chatting with the actors when Nino exposed her crazed side by saying she despised Ai but thought she was the best. The manga then showed that Nino had ties to Ai’s killer, Hikaru Kamiki.

Spoilers, Summary, and Raw Scans

The spoilers and summary of Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 were recently released by Donut on Twitter. You can also expect the raw scans to be released soon. The chapter title seems to be ‘Acting.’ As Nino’s comments ran through Ruby’s thoughts, she prepared to do the retake again.

Concerned about Ruby, Kana says, Ruby admits that she has no idea what her mother was like or how she felt. Kana believes she can depict those emotions, which is why she takes on Nino’s position, but Ai’s mental health isn’t something that can be easily understood until one goes through the same thing.

At work, Ruby has broken down in tears. Kana joins her on the chair. Here’s the chat:

Kana: Are you worried?

Ruby: I’m worried about my friends.

Kana: It doesn’t matter because you become an actress after graduation.

Ruby: It’s natural to worry about “friends”!

Can’t act like AI

More in Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 spoilers, Ruby is too sweet and straightforward to act like Ai, so Kana concludes. Why is she trying so hard, she inquires.

Ruby explains that it’s only natural for her to put out her best effort in this role because she is “mama.” This film serves as an attempt to wrap up the family’s history.

This is a film about moving forward in life without letting the mistakes of the past hold you back. If she doesn’t do it well, it’s all over.


Kana believes that she does not comprehend even a tenth of their emotions, but she does comprehend the desire to perform well. There is one thing she can do for her, and that is to provide her with a piece that will help her comprehend Ai.

Ruby, Kana says to Arima Kana will never be as popular as Hoshino Ruby. And so she leaves school to seek pastures new. Are we just fodder to make you look good? I can’t pretend I’m not envious.

Ruby’s highlight disappears from her eyes. That’s how your mom felt, by the way. Feelings of envy, letdown, and isolation.

Do you seek an appreciation of your mom? You want to put on a good show, right? I can relate to that emotion better than anyone. So… I was going to carry all the petty jealousy to the grave. Therefore, even if I lose all of my close friends, it won’t matter.

Many times I’ve wished you weren’t around because things would be so much easier. So, just go away, already! Also, there is no break next week.

Official Release Date and Where You Can Read Oshi no Ko Chapter 133

Oshi no Ko Chapter 133
Credit: @kaaaaaappe on twitter

The manga, Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 will release on November 30, 2023, at 12 am JST. And on the official platform Manga Plus, the fans can read the chapter. All of the manga in the series are available in the app. One can only read a chapter once, though. Only the first three and last three chapters are an exception to this rule. It’s important for readers to keep in mind that the final three chapters have changed with each publication.

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