Queen Bee 299 raw scans and summary

Another issue of Queen Bee 299 raw scans is out now. This time it’s going to be disgusting. You have my warning before reading this chapter. Dalhu has made him suffer. It’s even unimaginable at this point. Let’s dive in for the raw scans, summary, and next chapter release date.

Summary for Queen Bee 299 raw scans

Queen Bee 299 raw scans
Queen Bee Chapter 299/ Credit: Toptoon/ Day Comics

You can check out the raw scans on @Youngboy18plus. The Chapter, Queen Bee 299 raw scans start with Dalhus taking his baby to the childcare building. I don’t know if it’s an orphanage or a Dropbox-type facility. The english translation will clear things up.

He wishes his child well, to grow up well with the new parents. He also gets a little emotional there. Back to the present time, stepping on his wife’s face, he let her know about the baby.

Then we are shown the room, where Dalhu’s wife was sold. Even the duo who seems like they take care of things there are stunned by Dalhu’s acts. We are shown the group of people rava*ing her inside the room.


Next in Queen Bee 299 raw scans, we see Pyo waiting with bat in his hand for Dalhu. At the same time, he receives a call from Dali. She informed him that along with her new driver, they are heading for the company where Amy works.

Also, she let Pyo know that she will ask Mr Chunbae(the old driver) to drive her to the bear kennel the very next day.

Release Date for Queen Bee 300

The manhwa, Queen Bee 300 release date is December 29, 2023, at 8 pm KST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeDecember 29, 20238 pm (KST)
Pacific Standard TimeDecember 29, 20234 am (PST)
Indian Standard TimeDecember 29, 20234:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeDecember 29, 20231:00 p.m. (CET)
Philippines Standard TimeDecember 29, 20235:00 p.m. (PST)
Japanese Standard TimeDecember 29, 20238:00 p.m. (JST)

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa on Day Comics and Toptoon officially.

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