Queen Bee animation by a fan coming soon!

You read it right and it’s not a clickbait. Queen Bee animation is coming soon and it is made by a fan. Now before we progress to know more about it, don’t expect it to get animate chapter by chapter. It is done by a single person, and for now, it’s only one of the famous scenes from the manhwa. We will also discuss the latest chapter and the next chapter’s release date and spoilers in this article.

Ami getting animated

If someone is cooking a Queen Bee animation, it must be an Ami scene no matter what. Yes, there are Dali fans too no doubt. However, no one can be close to Ami when it comes to her popularity in the fandom.

A fan who goes by the name Batabati on Reddit is making an animation scene around 1:30-2 minutes long. It is none other than Ami with Mr Yoo (Landlord). It’s from the early chapters around where Ami is giving bj to Mr Yoo.

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Next month’s release for Queen Bee animation?

The Queen Bee animation is expected to drop by next month. The fans were very excited and praised him a lot on his post where he revealed the teaser. The video is expected to be censored. He has done everything all by himself and also said that he will be making more animated scenes in the near future.

The fans also reminded him that he should start pateron where he can ask for support and donations. In that way, it will be easy to help him and he can make more videos in the future. Let’s hope we get more Queen Bee animation scenes in the future.

Queen Bee Chapter 298 Release Date and Spoilers

Queen Bee animation

The manhwa, Queen Bee Chapter 298 is all set to release on December 15, 2023, at 8 pm KST. Remember that it will be an official release on Toptoon Korea. The fan translation by Acera will be released soon after the official release date. The manhwa is on 2-week break. The article is updated on December 1, 2023.

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Chapter 297 recap

Queen Bee Chapter 297 has some interesting developments. It turns out that ever since he got back from the island, Dali has been in contact with the art girl. Due to his preoccupation with Hyuna matters, Hyemin initially contacted Dali on the island to inquire about Pyo. During their one-on-one conversation after the island, Dali assured the art girl that she was alright with her staying with Pyo, but she gaslighted her about feeling bad and all that.

She keeps gaslighting her, telling her she needs to be faithful if she wants to stay. In the end, Dali is the one who controls her. Dali explains to Pyo that she was trying to keep Hyemin at arm’s length before she did all that, but that she eventually realized he wouldn’t dump Hyemin anyway, so she wanted to keep her in line and make her his concubine. She was afraid he’d be furious if he found out later, so she confessed everything.

Because he is the only one she has left to lean on and because her family’s blood is on his hands, Pyo suppresses his anger at her actions. When they revisit the painting later on, Dali is overjoyed to discover that he left her out of it, which gives her a sense of relief that she wasn’t complicit in his familial vengeance. After receiving a call from Dalho informing Dali that he plans to travel out for a couple of days, Pyo gets the bright idea of visiting his house to hang it up, along with a photo of Hyuna at sea, similar to the one he pushed her into.

In the meantime, Glasses x Heomin begin their love, and Glasses reveals that he will be working under Dali soon. That’s all for the Queen Bee animation, spoilers, and release date information.

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