Secret Class 199 english is out!

Finally, after waiting patiently, Secret Class 199 english is finally released on Day Comics. After reading it, my went blank. This is the worst chapter ever in the series. I don’t even know how the author can even come up with this so randomly. Seeing Daeho acting like that makes me feel like, Kobong is better than him. You can check out the summary and details of where you can also read, in this article.

Secret Class 199 english
credit: Day Comics

Summary of Secret Class 199 english

The Secret Class 199 english is available to read on /Youngboy18plus on Reddit. The chapter starts with Killer having his time with Sul-hee. Some fans hoped for Daeho to save her in the start but it wasn’t the case.

N*r finally happened. Sul-hee has sacrificed herself just so that she can know about the information from the killer. At least, the author didn’t make Sul-hee enjoy the scenes. She was really not enjoying and seeing her like that really breaks my heart.

Killer the winner

However, the one who enjoyed the most was none other than the killer. Daeho and June were quietly watching this unfold. June even asked him to help her. But our coward Daeho said that there is nothing they can do. She chose this for herself.

The killer finally finished with Sul-hee at least told the information. It was the Sul-hee husband who contacted him. And on his request, he killed the couple and made it look like an accident. Even the case has been closed.

He also revealed that they had a kid who was in elementary school. After previous information and evidence, both June and Daeho realized that it was the work of his uncle. He would have requested Sul-hee’s husband to get them killed.

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Let me clean you?

After that, the trio was back in the hotel, where Sul-hee was washing up. Daeho went inside the bathroom to cheer her up. He said, that she did a great job and he would clean her body which the killer had defiled. What a load of c**p. That’s how the Secret Class 199 english ends.

How did the situation arrive here?

As the killer spoke with Soo-hee, Daeho and June hid and listened. A joking tone came over the killer as he claimed to have believed Soo-hee had asked him to assassinate his spouse. You can then use her as a prize after that. But she won’t stop demanding to know the details of the agreement she struck with his husband years ago.

She would have paid anything to get her hands on the data. The murderer, however, turned down her offer of payment because he showed no interest in doing so.

Things took a turn for the worst from here. In exchange for the information, the killer demanded that she f**k her once. And Soo-hee sold her to her master for a price. The whole time, Daeho and June were eavesdropping on their talk and taking notes.

June began to inquire about their options, but Daeho quickly responded that they were now at a loss. It was all really confusing at the end. The cliffhanger concludes with the killer not yet introduced. Either we’re heading down the N*r road from here, or Daeho will find a way to rescue her before it’s too late.

Secret Class 199
Credit: Day Comics

Where the fans can read Secret Class 199 english officially

Only on the official platforms, Day Comics and Toptoon. The fans and readers can read the manhwa.

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