Serena Chapter 88 release date: Season 2 ends in cliffhanger

Season 2 has finally ended and now fans have to wait for Serena Chapter 88 for a long time. The author, “Ina” updated the information about season 3 and when she plans to start a new season. Let’s check out more details in this article.

Serena Chapter 88
Serena Manhwa/ Credit: Naver and Webtoon

Release Date and Where You Can Read Serena Chapter 88

For now, Serena Chapter 88 release date has not been announced yet. The author has informed us that the manhwa will return by the end of the year. So we can expect Chapter 88 to be released by October or December 2024.

Fans can read and enjoy the series only on Naver and Webtoon officially. More information will be updated on the Naver series and the author’s social media. We will keep you updated so make sure to follow us.

What Happened in Chapter 87?

The previous chapter starts with Eiser and Serena on the balcony while deciding to go somewhere as the vacation is coming close to an end.

Serena wants to go to a beach and also like to go to Flo Marina, where the new hotel is going to be built. Also, she heard the good news about the railway station built by the ocean.

She also wanted to meet her grandma as the last time they both parted ways on bad terms.


On the other hand, Victor and his house his on the verge of going bankrupt. His business has sharply fallen all because of Eiser. He will surely do something in the upcoming season.

Federick met with the ‘X’ who was none other than Dia. Most of the fans would have already guessed this as it was not a big reveal. At the end of the chapter, we see Serena finding divorce papers on the desk. And that’s left the fans with a cliffhanger in the story at this point.

Thoughts and Conclusion

First of all, maybe in the upcoming season, we might see Serena and her grandma’s relationship getting healthier with each other.

So about the divorce, maybe Eiser has done this to keep Serena safe from Dia and Victor. But fans won’t like it even if that’s the case. Their relationship has finally become smooth sailing right now.

Fedrick will no longer follow Serena’s orders while Dia and Victor will be plotting against them in the upcoming season. Of course, you can expect more drama from the start of Serena Chapter 88 and Season 3.

How do you feel about this cliffhanger and the upcoming season, please let us know in the comments.

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