Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124 spoilers, summary, and more

The fans are pretty hyped for Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124 whose spoilers and summary are out. Alone stands Frieren, the ageless elf, and sorceress from the party that slew the Demon King.

The hands of time continue to mark her mortal acquaintances, but she remains a mystery, a ghost of her former self bound to a body that has never seen the passage of time.

Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Summary for Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124

Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124
Credit: Viz Media/ SHogakukan

“Warrior” is the title for Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124. The raw scans are posted on @xDonutW on Twitter.

Frieren and company spend the night in a neighboring village. A spare room and a kind greeting await them from the local leader, who also offers them shelter for the night.

Frieren questioned him if he had ever worked on a farm, but he sidestepped the subject, and she sensed something was off when he shook his hands.

She had Stark watch the door overnight. When there are no monsters in the area, Fern doesn’t understand why. Frieren said that the chief possessed military-grade hands, but she failed to see his rationale for concealing that fact.

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The leader reflects on earlier times. He’s a special forces soldier for the Empire. The most senior officials in the empire were the only ones who knew about the top-secret mission that his team had received in Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124.

The mission was to eliminate every single person on the specified list. Infiltrating the towns surrounding the mountain pass and silently eliminating any targets that crossed through was their mission.

The captain declined to comment when a teammate inquired as to why so many of the victims were Empire veterans. “When everyone on the list is dead” was the captain’s response when he inquired about the mission’s deadline.


The village head had been waiting for his last target, Frieren, for a long time. Her demise will mark the end of the mission. Sneaking up to the home, he discovered Stark standing sentry at the entrance.

He claimed his sole purpose in coming was to end Frieren’s life and force Stark to step down. Stark flatly denied that he was capable of pulling that out. So, the chief presented Stark.

Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124
fan art by @levinky_art on Twitter

Know more about Frieren

Once a towering force, frieren magic is now nothing more than a trickle, a bittersweet reminder of its former glory. Still, Friеrеn can’t shake the memories of a love that transcended the limits of time and death, no matter how fast the world passes. An affection woven through shared laughter and triumphs earned under the stars.

Time steals away the things she holds dearest, and memories are like bittersweet fruit, tinged with the knowledge of this fact. However, Friеrеn, who is the final member of her group, refuses to go out.

At last, a glimmer of hope—will her sorcery be sufficient to rewrite the cruel script of death? On the other hand, will Friеrеn be the only one there when time’s funeral rolls around, forever lost in a sea of memories?

The antebellum spellbook, the echoes of an unending love that refuses to die, and the unwavering determination of an elf who will defy destiny to hang onto what she has lost hold the answer. Dear reader, turn the page and enter the realm of Frieren at the Funeral, where enchantment and memory dance together in a timeless dance of love, grief, and the relentless march of time.

Where the fans can read Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124

The fandom can enjoy the manga, Sousou no Frieren Chapter 124 on Shogakuka, weekly jump comics, and on Viz Media.

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