What happened in Hyeonjung’s Residence 57?

One of the best running manhwa for me, Hyeonjung’s Residence 57 has finally come to an end. Although it has not officially ended, there are still side stories left which will be out next week. However, for me, the ending was 50-50. The raw scans and spoilers are available to read on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Hyeonjung's Residence 57
Hyeonjung’s Residence manhwa/ Credit: Day Comics/ Toptoon

Spoilers and Summary for Hyeonjung’s Residence 57

The manhwa, Hyeonjung’s Residence 57 with Junbae and Jane romantically involved. They went back to the mansion after that. Although they did not speak to one another, Madam and Jane were like a family as they sobbed and held each other.

Madam and Junbae then chatted with each other in the hall. Madam will be always thankful to Junbae and will never take his generosity for granted.


At first, Madam had assured them that their family would take a holiday. Since it is still chilly in Korea, they intended to charter a yacht and have a tropical holiday.

While on the yacht, Junbae was overjoyed to see a succession of girls in swimsuits.
Employee, Jenny, Jane, and the Madam.

Butler, too, changed into a swimsuit, the moment when she should have been most exposed. After that, they all raised their glasses in toast, and as they sipped the wine, Madam and Jane both felt queasy.

For now, the main story has been ended. And from the next week, we are going to see the side stories.

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Where the fans can read Hyeonjung’s Residence 57

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa, Hyeonjung’s Residence 57 on Day Comics and Toptoon officially.

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