Sakamoto Days Order Members Ranked: Weakest to Strongest

Recent Anime news and rights by Netflix have shaken the fandom quite a bit. It won’t be long before when fans will be getting the anime announcement for the manga. The order in the manga is at the peak of its strength with each one having unique attributes and abilities. Sakamoto Days Order Members Ranked from weakest to strongest will be discussed in this article.

10. Kamihate

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Kamihate/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

Kamihate is the strongest sniper not only in the order but also in JAA history. His appearance has never been shown but has an average build and wears baggy clothes.

His abilities including when he takes advantage of his environment in snipping are probably my favorite. He can end someone’s life without even being seen might sound strong but many order members are capable of dodging his shots. Plus he is fairly weak in close combat and physical abilities.

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9. Hyo

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Hyo/ Credit: Shueisha

Hyo wasn’t popular or famous when he was young, but he became a formidable assassin over time. He is tall and muscular with spiky hair and piercings. We can say that he is the most gifted physical fighter in the order.

Hyo can crush cars, and bikes, and send people flying with his strength alone. We can say that all he has is the physical strength. His fight with Kumanomi was insane but it was clearly shown how he lacked in many other areas. Hyo is not weak by any means but when it comes to other members, he definitely lacks many things.

8. Yotsumura

The man who actually founded the Order, later was banished by them and then worked against JAA. He is a tall, middle-aged man with long, disheveled hair, Yotsumura is known for not shaving. The bucket hat he wears frequently covers his weary, soulless eyes.

Fans never got the chance to witness him fighting in his prime. So based on the current age and chapters, he is placed as 8th in the strongest Sakamoto Days Order Members.

He was so skilled in his prime that killing him was not even an option. JAA rebels have to use a woman who can marry him and then use their child as an option. But in the current storyline he was defeated by Shishiba all by himself.

7. Osaragi

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Osaragi (Sakamoto Days) fan art by – @jellycaaakes on Twitter

Yeah, I know Osaragi is everyone’s favorite character (mine too). In normal situations, Osaragi’s face doesn’t display any emotion, and she is a tall, slender young woman with long, straight black hair that has an uneven fringe, ruby-red eyes, and a lean physique.

Now hear me out, we haven’t seen Osaragi fighting any real threat or someone who might be really strong. She low difference dump who was just a death row inmate. Then she defeated the unnamed Gisha lady that was with Yotsumura. After that, she fought with 14-year-old kid.

Although she defeated Carolina Reaper in the recent arc, even that was done by taking him out by surprise. But her rank might change in the future if she has any thought fights.

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6. Kanaguri

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Kanaguri/ Credit: Shueisha

Kanaguri might be the most underrated member of the Order. He was expelled by them and currently works for Slur. His character and unique traits of filmmaking is really interesting.

He was casually fighting with fat Sakamoto and even went toe to toe with him when Saka was in the slim version. Do note that the fight was cut in the midway. He was even able to land a cut on him.

5. Shishiba

He was a rogue assassin and after he met with Yotsumura, he joined under his wing and also mentored Osaragi. We can consider Shishiba as currently the leader of the Order. His black eyes and long blond hair are features that draw the eye. On top of that, Satoru Yotsumura left him a big scar on his left chin.

Now this guy is pretty strong. He mid difference Yotsumura alone while the latter used all kinds of surprise attacks on him. In the recent arc, he fought Haruma and Kumanomi alone for a limited period of time before Shin came to his help. Plus this guy has a high IQ when it comes to fighting.

4. Kindaka

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Kindaka/ Credit: Shueisha

He was also the founding member of the Order alongside Yotsumura. Aside from Uzuki, he had previously been an ally of Sakamoto and Nagumo as well as Rion. He is a guy in his middle years. He typically wears a dark jumper and overalls with his hair that is near to shoulder length.

Kindaka is another member that we couldn’t see him fighting in his prime. Even though he is old, he is the fastest assassin alive and the speed is insane. Nagumo wasn’t even able to believe at his speed about how a human can move that fast. (flashback arc) His fight IQ is good and the max gear is just icing on the cake. At this point, this guy might have some superpowers.

3. Nagumo

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Nagumo/ Credit: Shueisha

Many might think Nagumo is currently stronger than Sakamoto, but after the recent chapters (chapter 166) we can pretty much say he deserves the number three spot. His disguise, master of combat, high IQ, unique weapon, and endurance made him a formidable order member.

He beat Gaku and was able to show a good amount of endurance and durability in the fight.

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2. Sakamoto

Sakamoto Days Order Members
Sakamoto/ Credit: Shueisha

The former best assassin in the world and the main protagonist of the manga, Sakamoto ranks number 2. Even in his prime, he was a little stronger than Nagumo. Calling him the greatest assassin of all time doesn’t mean he is the strongest.

In the recent chapter, his fight with Takamura has been impressive but he still lacks as now he is retired. He also can’t constantly fight someone in his slimmer version.

1. Sakamoto Days Order Members, Takamura (The Strongest)

Strongest Sakamoto Days Order Members, Takamura/ Credit: Shueisha

Anime has always emphasized showing old men as monsters. In this manga, Takamura is the same breed. With the recent arc and chapters, there is no debate that he is the strongest. Sakamoto even agreed that Takamura had gotten stronger than the last time.

Takamura was able to fight against Nagumo, Sakamoto, and Uzuki and pretty much overpowered them. We have never seen Takamura getting serious damage till now.

Where the fans can read Sakamoto Days manga

Fans in Japan can read the manga on Jump magazine and can purchase the volumes from their local stores. Fans worldwide can buy volumes on Amazon and Viz Media. To read Sakamoto Days manga online, you can visit Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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