A long Hiatus for Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42

It’s bad news for all the Yuri fans who have been reading this manhwa. Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42 will be released after a long month break. The story was getting interesting with Jiho’s back story. But now, we have to long for the next chapter. Check out more information about the chapter, reasons behind the hiatus, release date, and more.

Release Date for Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42

Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42

The manhwa, Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42 expected release date is not confirmed by the author and artist. It was supposed to be released by March 22, however, the artist’s shoulder has not recovered yet. The fans can expect Chapter 43 after 2-3 months now.

The raw scans, spoilers, and news updates will be available on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

This article is recently updated as the artist announced he needs some more time to get recovered.

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Reasons behind Hiatus

Recently the artist team behind the manhwa, Team Eggplant released the reasons on Twitter. The artist is going through a shoulder injury. Recently he visited the hospital, he has a rotator cuff problem that requires surgery.

The artist thought that he might go for surgery after the season ended, however, it appears he needs to go through surgery right now. Considering the operation and rest time, the manhwa will be on a hiatus.

Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42
Show Me Your Bust Chapter 38/ Credit: Ridibooks/Team Gaji

Recap of Chapter 41

Chapter 41 of Show Me Your Bust starts with Jiho wondering what she should do now. She has made yet another friend, and we see them both heading to school together while chit-chatting.

Also, it appears that the new girl wants to help Jiho with her studies. Jiho was still a little cautious and wanted to confirm it first. But it appears the new girl doesn’t mind it.

She says that she always to be close to Jiho but she couldn’t because of Ha-Eun. Also, she believes that Jiho is a good person and that it’s unfair that she is been treated like an outcast in the school.

Once again the other girls started to talk and spread rumors about them. Even the teacher says to Jiho that she should focus on her studies right now. At this point, everyone was considering Jiho as a source of major problems.

The new girl’s name is Dahee. Next in Chapter 41 of Show Me Your Bust, we see Ha-Eun talking with Jiho. The Chapter ended with Jiho visiting the doctor’s office.

What has happened so far?

So far in the manhwa, after having a small fight with Woo-hee, we are right now seeing the Jiho past. Woo-hee seems to have gotten feelings for her and unexpectedly she hurt Jiho.

Even in the past, we saw how rumors and a betrayal by a best friend completely broke Jiho. Even the accident which hurt her leg and she couldn’t compete in the track events. It would be interesting to see what is going to happen next in Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42.

Where the fans can read Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa, Show Me Your Bust Chapter 42 on RidiBooks, Lezhin, TappyToon, Book Cube, and BoomToom.

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