Top Yuri manhwa like Bad Thinking Diary

Yuri fans have always loved Bad Thinking Diary. Not only does this series have one of the best artwork, but the plot is quite good. However, the ending was kind of rushed. In this article, we will bring you the Top Yuri manhwa which is similar to the Bad Thinking Diary.

1. Show Me Your Bust

Bad Thinking Diary
Show Me Your Bust Chapter 37/ Credit: Ridibooks

A Brilliant Girl Loves Manhwa by Team Gaji. Show Me Your Bust is very similar to Bad Thinking Diary. Both stories are set up in a college-based romance.

The sight of her best friend Woohee’s toned bre*sts in a public restroom at a club has captivated Jiho’s thoughts ever since. Woohee, who is visibly irritated, unexpectedly lets her see and touch them following this revelation.

But the more Jiho caresses them, the more her hormones seem to explode. She goes from squeezing Woohee’s breasts in her dorm room to hooking up with Yeonwoo, whose real feelings remain a mystery, all in the span of a few minutes. Jiho finds them both attractive, but which one has the upper hand when it comes to winning her heart?

You can read it on Ridibooks, Lezin, TappyToon, Bomtoon, and Book Cube officially.

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2. What Does the Fox Say?

Bad Thinking Diary
Credit: Lezhin and Polar Fox

This is yet another manhwa by Team Gaji. What Does the Fox Say? is about the three women and their bonds.

The protagonist, Sumin, is involved with her ex-partner Seju, who also happens to be the owner of the mobile game firm where she now works as CEO.

Seju deftly uses Sumin’s infatuation with her to further her interests, regardless of her past relationships. The entrance of Seongji, a beautiful new employee, complicates matters further since she wins Sumin’s heart over entirely. Not only the story is pretty interesting and will hook you in an instant, but the artwork is just unique and gorgeous. Worth reading in this section.

You can read it on Polar Fox, Lezhin Comics, and TappyToon.

3. Lilith

Bad Thinking Diary
Credit: Lezhin Comics

Another manhwa just like Bad Thinking Diary but a little different in its own way is Lilith.

Get to know Jaehee, a high school teacher who is well-known for her strong work ethic and who is our resolute protagonist. However, when she’s alone, Jaehee takes comfort in serious BDSM, particularly when she and her childhood friend Huilin delve into this dynamic.

But when Jaehee’s school welcomes Sulhwa as a new teacher, their lives and relationships undergo dramatic changes. As the three protagonists deal with their growing feelings, Lilith becomes a revolutionary yuri manhwa that adds exciting BDSM aspects to the normally difficult yuri genre.

You can read it on Lezhin Comics.

4. Her Tale of Shim Chong

Credit: Pocket Comics, TappyToon

Next in this is Her Tale of Shim Chong which does a better job of delivering story and romance than Bad Thinking Diary.

An ancient Korean folktale, Her Tale of Shim Chong tells the story of a blind girl named Shim Chong who falls in love with the bride-to-be of Chancellor Jang. A healthy love affair results from the many similarities shared by the two women, despite their vastly different backgrounds.

When it comes to webtoons about girl love, you must read this fantastic historical manhwa. Even though Shim Chong’s story is terrible, the serial finds a happy medium in her romance with Jang’s bride. Their tragic love story will lift the spirits of drama fans everywhere.

You can read it on Pocket Comics and TappyToon.

5. Finding Assistant Manager Kim by Bad Thinking Diary artist

Finding Assistant Manager Kim Chapter 2
Finding Assistant Manager Kim/ Credit: @rangrarii on Twitter

Finding Assistant Manager Kim is yet another new short project work by Rangrari who was behind Bad Thinking Diary. The artwork is just out of this world. I love Rangrari’s works, it’s always on another level.

The story develops in the office scenario this time. With A-Yoong who is the protagonist falls in love with Joo-Yeon who is her boss. Even she doesn’t know that her boss likes her too. This short story then focuses on both trying to confess and falling for each other.

You can read it on Postypy. You will find the link on @rangrarii on Twitter. Also, the fan’s translations are available on the web.

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