A Wonderful New World 225 release date and raw scans

The fans are excited for A Wonderful New World 225 which is the next part in the series. Although everyone would have to wait a little long. Because next week, the manhwa will be on a break. Hseung and Sook scenes might be finally coming next in the story. Many fans have waited long for the female lead.

A Wonderful New World 225
A Wonderful New World/ Credit: Day Comics and Toptoon

Release Date for A Wonderful New World 225

The manhwa, A Wonderful New World 225 release date is December 18, 2024, at 8 pm KST. Fans can find raw scans and spoilers on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeFebruary 18, 20248 pm (KST)
Pacific Standard TimeFebruary 18, 20244 am (PST)
Indian Standard TimeFebruary 18, 20244:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeFebruary 18, 20241:00 p.m. (CET)
Philippines Standard TimeFebruary 18, 20245:00 p.m. (PST)
Japanese Standard TimeFebruary 18, 20248:00 p.m. (JST)

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Recap of Chapter 224

She still has the key to her previous apartment, so Sook Young and Hseung decide to head inside. In addition, she had purchased a couple of beer cans and a few snacks.

Once inside, they raise a glass to their reunion, and then we can begin.
Additionally, Hseung states that she has a “girlfriend” (assuming our translation is accurate, and we are referring to TL here).

What happened “that day” when Sook Young’s boyfriend was involved is detailed in her tale.

During their afternoon conversation that day, Sook Young and her lover discussed his desire to end their relationship due to his inability to get married and his difficulties with the economy, among other things. Also, he may have cheated on her, if my understanding is correct.


Sook Young begs him, in tears, to give it another day of thinking before making a final decision. But, as we are all too well, that day never occurred due to the disaster.

Now that everyone is aware of what transpired, Sook Young is staying with him for the time being in the hopes of receiving an explanation from him when he awakens.

After interrupting to ask to talk about anything else, Sook Young confirms that MC has stared at her on occasion. She is finally making her move now.

Where the fans can read A Wonderful New World 225

The fans and readers can enjoy A Wonderful New World 225 on Toptoon and Day Comics officially.

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