Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3: God of Death

Sui Ishida seems to have shifted manga every week for now. The fandom was all excited when they got to know about this. Recent Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3 was just released on Manga Plus in english officially. Let’s check out what exactly happened in the chapter.

Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3
Choujin X manga/ Credit: Manga Plus/Sui Ishida/Tonari no Young Comics

Review of Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3

Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3 called Harvestor was just released today on Manga Plus app and website.

It started with Nude under the control of Palma’s power and using his power against the golems. He was using his power plus raise repeatedly. Seeing that Palma started to panic and she shouted to him to stop. Finally Nude was able to stop.

At the same time, Tokio tells Ely that he will let Cabirol out and then she can take action. He turns into full beastification mode and starts to trash the golem while calling Cabirol out.

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Tokio the God of Death?

Tokio started to tell Cabirol how they were going to destroy the field and Yamatomori is going to win against Zora too. He asked him if he wanted to say anything so come out and speak.

We see a past monologue of Cabirol in Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3. He sees Zora talking about waging war and the requirements of the field. She believes that Sora Siruha fights for the people.

Back to the present Tokio destroyed the golem and made Cabirol out of it. Ely quickly flies up to him and harvests his power. Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3 ended with the narration of Tokio being called the Death God.

Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3
Credit: Shueisha/ Tonari no Jump/ Sui Ishida

Tokio evolution

Saying “You are a death God” is truly goes hard. This reminds me of the path of Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Given the cultural symbolic association of the vulture, I would venture to say that Tokyo will follow a similar evolutionary trajectory. Those raises have made his Choujin form look much buffier than it already was.

Story Progression

Ely is really a cheat code in the series. Tokio absolutely destroys these guys, and she only enters to steal their powers at the very end.

I can’t help but wonder where this story will end up. Do we really believe that the good folks are good? Even with reasonable rereading, I still get the impression that there’s more going on with the plot than what’s immediately apparent.

Was she driven to her breaking point by something she created, who are now police officers, or is it only a tale of a fallen angel who has sunk to the lowest level of corruption?

Where the fans can read Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3

The readers and fans can read Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3 on Manga Plus and Tonari no Jump comics and website.

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