What happened in Astro Royale Chapter 2, Spoilers, and more

With the new chapter releasing on April 22, 2024, at 12 am JST, the fandom is hyped for Astro Royale Chapter 2. With Hibaru gaining new powers, how will he act from now on? Fans can’t wait to find out. Let’s check out some spoilers and leaks for the upcoming chapter.

Leaks and Astro Royale Chapter 2 spoilers

On the cover of the Astro Royale Chapter 2, we will have Hibaru. The chapter seems to start with Hibaru and Terasu both looking out for the people. Hibarui especially tries to check on the old man(chapter 1).

Also, the meteor impact is going to affect and bring chaos. Many people will use their power for their interest and seize what they want. It’s pretty natural now that they have the superpowers. I guess the police will become more useless and we won’t be seeing them.

We will be seeing Shio with his trustee Abu Nazara (according to leaks). From the previous chapter, we know that the hawk faction is behind him. He is the first adopted son.

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Astro Royale Chapter 2
Shio fan art by @latteoo16 on Twitter


According to Astro Royale Chapter 2 spoilers and leaks, they thought that both Hibaru and Terasu died from the meteor impact. However now after finding it out they are alive, Shio wants to assassinate them. And then they will frame it like they both died due to the meteor impact.

We will see some of the guys from the Hawk faction trying to come and find Hibaru and Terasu. Hibaru uses his new power which scared the sh*t out of them. That’s when he will announce his confrontation with the Hawk faction according to Astro Royale Chapter 2 spoilers and leaks. There will be no break next week.

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Astro Royale Chapter 2 Release Date and Where To Read

Mark your calendars for Astro Royale Chapter 2 which will release on April 22, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeApril 22, 202412:00 a.m. (KST)
Pacific Standard TimeApril 21, 20247:00 a.m. (PST)
Indian Standard TimeApril 21, 20248:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeApril 21, 20244:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard TimeApril 22, 20241:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeApril 22, 202412:00 a.m. (JST)

The fans can read and enjoy the manga Astro Royale Chapter 2 aka Negai no Astro on Jump Comics, Viz Media, and Manga Plus.

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