Berserk 376 spoilers: Kushan vs Band of the Hawk

The big seinen manga is finally back and we are here with some latest Berserk 376 spoilers which VegaPANK recently released on Twitter/X. We saw how Guts got captured by Kushan soldiers. Let’s check out more details in this article.

Raw Scans and Berserk 376 spoilers

The raw scans will be soon posted on @spoilerplus on Twitter/X. We have a color spread where Puck is doing a Hitler salute. Guts is in the prison. According to leaks and spoilers, this chapter will be heavily dialogue-based. The chapter is around 21 pages long.

According to Berserk 376 spoilers, the chapter title is, “The Wavering Tides and the Shadow of War” We see Guts and Schierke in the spirit realm. Schierke was able to pull Guts out from there.

When Guts woke up, he found himself chained to the wall in a prison. The Kushan is taking Rickert to see Schierke, who is unconscious in bed.

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The war against Band of the Hawk

Next in Berserk 376 spoilers, we learn Roderick is discussing with Silat, who reveals that Kusha is recruiting soldiers on a large scale. They are planning to fight a war against the Band of the Hawk.

According to Silat, they must launch their attack immediately because there is no time to delay at the end of the chapter.

Berserk 376 spoilers
Guts and Puck fan art by @RoryKDraws on Twitter/X

The Plot of Berserk Manga

A demonic mark on his and his woman’s necks draws demonic forces and Guts, alias the Black Swordsman, seeks refuge from them while simultaneously exacting revenge on the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice. With little more than the immense power he honed as a boy living among mercenaries, a massive sword, and an iron prosthetic left hand, Guts faces an ominous fate while battling an irrational wrath that threatens to dehumanize him.

Release Date and Where Fans Can Read Berserk 376

The manga Berserk 376 official release date is April 26, 2024. It will be released on Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine issue 9/10. Also, the manga will be on a break in the next issue. You can also read the manga online on Young Animal in raw version.

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