My Hero Academia Season 7 Opening Full Song is revealed

Only 9 days have left for the premier of the new season and My Hero Academia Season 7 Opening Full Song has been released recently. It was posted by @d0nut2x on Twitter/X. It is performed by none other than Toru Kitajima aka ‘TK’ who is famous for his song Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Opening Full Song by TK

This was the biggest surprise to see Tk coming back and giving the fandom an excellent song. It gave me goosebumps when I heard it for the first time. Fans knew from the preview that was released 1 month ago, but now the full song has been revealed. My Hero Academia Season 7 Opening Full Song is (誰我為 – TK from 凛として時雨).

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What to Expect from My Hero Academia Season 7

With the new season, the fans are going to see a new hero, “Star and Stripe.” It will also include the U.A. traitor arc. This will be the last two arcs, before the anime heads towards the final arc which is currently ongoing on manga.

The fans will see America’s no 1 hero, Start and Stripe who is heading towards Japan to help her friend All Might. However, the crafty All for One is prepared for her as we will see some shocking plot twists. With the release of previews, key visuals, and My Hero Academia Season 7 Opening Full Song, fandom is excited for the upcoming season.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Opening Full Song
Deku from My Hero Academia

U.A. Traitor Arc

Where we see more action in the first arc, the second arc will be less action-packed but important to the plot. For a long time, there has been a traitor in the school. It is time to find out that rat who is leaking all the information about the heroes from the inside.

Where the fans can watch My Hero Academia Season 7

The fans can watch and stream My Hero Academia Season 7 only on Crunchyroll, and local Japanese channels. This season is produced by Studio BONES.

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The Plot

According to Crunchyroll: “Izuku has dreamt of being a hero all his life—a lofty goal for anyone, but especially challenging for a kid with no superpowers. That’s right, in a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered “quirk,” Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal. But that’s not enough to stop him from enrolling in one of the world’s most prestigious hero academies.”

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