Best Completed Manhwa of 2023

The Korean Manhwas has always been one of my favorite things to read. There are so many bookmarked that sometimes even I forget what should I read. From the dungeons to the system, from the bada** main character to a psycho revenge-based personality, manhwa has suddenly grown its dominance. Here in this article, we present you some of the best completed manhwa of 2023.

Cheolsu Saves the World

Completed Manhwa of 2023
Cheolsu Saves the World/ Credit: Manta

For some, this was a refreshing type of manhwa. For some, this was one of the best manhwa they have read. For some, it was kind of off. So what’s it about?

A meteor destroys the world and our main character, “Cheolsu” is sent back in time a few years. He has to try and fix and how is he going to do it?

A very new approach is taken in carrying out this idea. In essence, MC sees the meteor that causes the world to end and goes back to his youth. Over and over, he tries to escape the end of the world by taking various routes to the future, but each time, he is unsuccessful.

Politics, not power, is the center of attention. This exemplifies how the wealthy politicians’ focus on short-term gains at the expense of long-term planning prevents them from ever doing the right thing. Consequently, they will not back his endeavors to avert an impending catastrophe.

A strong point of the plot is the way the main character interacts with the supporting cast. His reliance on his allies and the delicate balancing act between their innate competence and his own overpowering experience as a result of regression are prominent themes. It’s one of the best completed manhwa of 2023.

You can read the manhwa, Cheolsu Saves the World officially on Manta Comics.

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Kill The Hero

Completed Manhwa of 2023
Kill The Hero manhwa/ Credit: Kakao Page

So the manhwa has not completed ended. For now, it seems the side stories are going. But it certainly took me off guard.

A new beginning awaits Woojin following his murder at the hands of the morally upright head of his guild. His focus is squarely on exacting retribution this time around, rather than rescuing the world from monsters. As he rises to the top of the game, his high-level kills make him famous among the commoners and increase his stats. Except for one thing: nobody knows which side he’s on. With his newfound winning strategy, Woojin will spare no effort in his quest to vanquish the hero.

Similar to Solo Leveling, I like the premise of this story. You will become skeptical due to the strong plot, but you will appreciate the main character and the art is excellent. Being on the side of the “antagonist” doesn’t make this story any less compelling; also, the protagonist isn’t a one-dimensional monster and undergoes consistent growth, which is a departure from the norm in Solo Leveling spinoffs. Overall it is one of the best completed manhwa of 2023.

You can read the manhwa, Kill The Hero on Tapas and Kakao Page.

Tomb Raider King (best completed manhwa of 2023)

Completed Manhwa of 2023
Tomb Raider King Manhwa/ Credit: Redice studios and Kakao Page

This is probably my favorite manhwa in the list of best completed manhwa of 2023. It has its best and worst moments in the journey. But it is still one of the manhwa that you should read.

Suddenly, mysterious graves started popping up all around the globe, and inside each one was a relic that bestowed extraordinary powers upon whoever possessed it. Jooheon Suh is known for his work as a tomb explorer, engineer, and raider. Tragically, he finds himself sent fifteen years into the past, before the advent of relics or tombs, just as he is about to meet his demise at the hands of a potent new relic, all because his employer betrayed him. How will Jooheon, whose motivations include a desire for vengeance, use his foreknowledge to rise to the position of Tomb Raider King?

Great job with the introductions; you get to know the key characters gradually and each one gets their day in the spotlight.

At first, there is a lot of ambiguity. However, that is intentional; readers are not all-knowing beings; we learn more as the manhwa progresses and the characters do.

The plot thickens as we learn more about the world’s history, the people’s missions within it, and the world’s architecture. Yes, the protagonist is acting schizophrenic, but it’s deliberate psychosis.

You can read the manhwa, Tomb Raider King on Kakao Page and Tapas.

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