Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans and summary are out!

Andrew’s newly started manhwa, Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans and summary is finally out now. In the previous chapter, we saw Rebecca in full flexing mode. However, in the last part, she revealed something that took me and Sechan by surprise. Can we expect more romance between them in the pool? Let’s find out.

Benefactor's Daughters 10 raw scans
Rebecca from Benefactor’s Daughters Chapter 9/ Credit: Toptoon Korea

Summary and Spoilers for Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans

The raw scans are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. Chapter 10 of Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans starts with both Rebecca and Sechan talking in the backyard.

He couldn’t believe it it was her first time. He says that she was so bold before. Rebecca replies that she has been in a couple of relationships but this was her first time.

Sechan says that he didn’t feel like it was her first time. That comment made Rebecca made. She then says that don’t touch her when someone is around.

Once again!

Hearing that Sechan replies that whether she was okay if someone is not here. He started to sweet-talk her. Getting away from him, she fell because of her small rock. After that, we see Sechan once again taking the lead on her.

In the meantime, we see Mitchelle in the house talking with Monica. She inquires when are they going to come back. It seems she would like to give a present.

Monica who jogging, started to think that Mitchelle was a nice girl. At the end of the Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans, we see Sechan pulling out his d**k. Rebecca says she isn’t ready for that but it seems Sechan ain’t going to stop.

What happened before?

The story begins with Mitchelle storming into the room in Chapter 9 of Benefactor’s Daughters. We were hoping she would catch them, but she failed. She wanted to know why Rebecca was sleeping without clothes.

Meanwhile, Sechan crept into the room’s corner to hide. She asked Michelle to go after complaining of being exhausted and explaining that it was because her body temperature was greater than Asians.

Michelle stressed the requirement of Daniel’s trust to proceed with their plan. Following Rebecca’s admission of ignorance and vow to address the situation tomorrow, Michelle left.

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Sechan then asked Rebecca, “What did Michelle mean by those words?” Before she expelled him from the room, she claimed she wanted to be a daughter her father adored to be a part of the family.

The trio went back to the pool the next day. Rebecca went up to him to learn how to swim. Sechan seized the opportunity to gently touch her. Michelle was less appealing to him than she was. He and Rebecca both stepped aside as Rebecca angrily cut her off.

Being a first-timer, she was upfront about her feelings and wasn’t sure whether she loved it or disliked it when Sechan inquired.

Benefactor's Daughters 10 raw scans
Credit: Toptoon

Where the fans can read Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa, Benefactor’s Daughters 10 raw scans only on Toptoon Korea for now. Soon, it will also be available to read on Day Comics in English.

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