Call of the Night Season 2 announcement is here!

Recently Aniplex started to tease something on the X platform. But right now, with the poster and description, it’s clear that the Call of the Night Season 2 announcement is here. Many fans have been patiently waiting and now they are pretty excited for season 2.

Aniplex with Call of the Night Season 2 announcement

Aniplex recently launched a mysterious anime countdown on their Twitter profile and YouTube channel. It might be for Call of the Night Season 2. The big reveal will done tomorrow.

The teaser text says, As a result of our rigorous selection process, your talent has been recognized and you have been chosen as a suitable student for our academy. Studying at our academy could be the key to discovering the truth hidden within our seemingly mundane world and within yourself. Would you be willing to take this first step? We will be waiting for you at Midnight on January 27″

Many fans have already confirmed that this is for none other than Call of the Night Season 2. And now it is confirmed by Sugoi Lite, that Call of the Night Season 2 is in production.

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Call of the Night Season 2
Call of the Night/ Credit: Shogakukan

Plot of Call of the Night

An unhappy middle schooler named Ko Yamori struggles to understand love and finds little joy in his everyday existence.

He becomes disillusioned and stops attending school as a result of this. On the contrary, he begins to suffer from insomnia as a result of his lack of activity and begins to walk the lonely streets at night.

Nazuna Nanakusa is the name of the girl Ko meets on one of his nighttime adventures. To win Ko over, she offers to help and invites him to her apartment, where they end up sharing a futon.

But while he tries to fall asleep, Nazuna bites him, revealing her true nature as a vampire. After that, she starts to teach Ko everything about the benefits of being a nightwalker.

Ignoring the monotony of mortal life, Ko also chooses to become a vampire. Having a loved one bite you is the one surefire way to turn into a vampire, though. If Ko wants to turn into a vampire, he must first develop feelings for Nazuna.

As the anime unfolds, the two develop a stronger bond as Ko encounters a strange assortment of supernatural beings on his quest.

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Call of the Night Season 2
Call of the Night/ Credit: @reiquant on twitter

More information about the anime

Kotoyama is behind the vampire fantasy-based manga, Call of the Night. The series first received the season 1 adaptation in July 2022. The anime was produced by Liden Films.

Also, the manga has won the 68th Shogukan award in the Shonen category in 2023. The first season was loved by many fans and they are waiting for Call of the Night Season 2.

Probably season 2 might be once again produced by Liden Films or they can also get another studio for it. The streaming platforms are also not decided. But we can expect it to drop on Hidive and Muse Asia platforms on YouTube.

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