Chained Soldier Season 2 Announcement and Trailer

The anime Chained Soldier Season 2 aka Mato Seihei no Slave has been announced. The anime was animated by Studio Seven Arcs which ran up to 12 episodes. It was based on the ecchi action battle manga by Takahiro & Takemura Youhei.

Chained Soldier Season 2 Trailer

Currently, the teaser trailer has been released in which the new character, Ren Yamashiro has arrived. She has been voiced by Kana Hanazawa. The Key visual was also released which was of Ren, the new girl.

PONY CANYON has announced that next week during Anime Boston 2024, there will be panels discussing “Chained Soldier Season 2”! As special guests, Yuki Watanabe, the producer, and Yuya Hirose, who voices Yuuki Wakura, will be present.

Get a sneak peek inside the making of “Chained Soldier” with this exclusive opportunity. An autograph session and a panel discussion on “Working in the Japanese Anime Industry” are also on their agenda.

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Where you can watch Chained Soldier

The fans can currently watch and enjoy the anime Chained Soldier on HIDIVE. All the episodes are available to stream on the platform. Fans from Japan can watch the anime on their local tv platforms.

Chained Soldier Season 2
Chained Soldier anime/ Credit: HIDIVE

The Plot of Chained Soldier

Mato portals and Peaches, resources that bestow special powers on women, materialized on Earth at the same time as two other supernatural entities. Monsters called Yomotsu Shuuki emerge from the Mato, wreaking havoc wherever they go.

With the help of Peaches-enabled women, the government’s Anti-demon Corps takes a stand against these terrifying monsters. Kyouka Uzen, the chief of the Seventh Unit of the Anti-demon Corp, rescues Yuuki Wakura after he suddenly comes afoul of a Yomotsu Shuuki.

Uzen recognizes something in Wakura that could change the outcome of the monster incursion, and Yuuki watches the conflict from a distance. Yuki possesses a special ability that can enhance Peaches’ effectiveness.

However, to join the battle against Yomotsu Shuuki and rescue the world, he must first become Kyoka’s willing slave.

Chained Soldier Episode 12 review

For me, this was a very disappointing episode. There was hardly any action considering the last episode. But the main thing was the reward for Yuuki.

With this finale, we got to see the fight conclusion between Kyouka and Unihorn. It was a pretty decent and bland fight. I was hoping to see some kind of new ability or skill. Hoper there will be more power, skills, and rewards in Chained Soldier Season 2.

It was the same as usual with Yuuki using his brute strength and Kyouka with her sword abilities. But the celebration after the fight and declaration from Kyuoka was heart-touching.

Reward Session

Although there were some rewards for Yuuki, but it was pretty bland in terms of fan service. I hope we got to see some more bold scenes in Chained Soldier Season 2.

There was first the fake reward from Tenka. After that, it was with Kyouka in her room. She in her red lingerie was sexy and hot.

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