Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1: Poppy Fields are destroyed!

The fandom was all excited after the release of Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1. The long-due mission has finally been completed. The team of Tokio, Palma, Nude, and Ely have accomplished the task. However, Tokio doesn’t seem satisfied. Let’s see what exactly happened in this chapter.

Release Date for Choujin X Chapter 49 part 2

Although the date is not out, however, if we follow the latest weekly routine, then Choujin X Chapter 49 part 2 is expected to release on February 18, 2024, at 12 am JST. Once the official dates are announced, we will update the article immediately.

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Review and Recap

Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1 starts with Ely and Tokio interrogating Cabirol. They want to know more about the Yamatori situation. However, Cabirol says to kill him instead.

Tokio asked won’t that make Sora sad if they killed him. Cabirol then replied that they don’t have that sort of bond. He hasn’t met with Sora for so many years.

That’s when Tokio started to talk about his experience with Sora. Tokio wants to know whether the Sora Cabirol knew, did she changed now. But Caribol gets mad at the vulture and calls Tokio a ‘Reaper’.

Ely answered in anger telling Cabirol that he is the one who kills innocent people. Next in Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1, we see Tokio getting mad. He wants to save everyone without getting into a death battle with each other.

Next, we see Ely talking about giving the Cabirol power back as she can’t handle that much weight. This was an interesting aspect of her ability. Hope we can get to know more about this condition and her powers soon. Cabirol has been handed to Higomori Keepers.

Everyone now is heading back on the train. Ely asked about Nude condition and she was confused as to why he used so much of his power to save them This isn’t like him. Palma can only agree and decides not to tell them about her new ability.

Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1
Choujin X Chapter 48 part 3/ Credit: Sui Ishida/ Shueisha/ Tonari no Jump

The Plot of Choujin X

Many people like the boy named Azuma Higashi. Despite his diminutive stature, he excels academically, has a terrific fighting spirit, and is deeply committed to doing what is right.

This is in stark contrast to his friend Tokio Kurohara, who stands by and watches Azuma fight in class. Despite their obvious differences, the friendship between these two childhood pals remains strong.

Yamato Prefecture, where the two reside, is a very ordinary district that Choujin devastated in parts. The choujin are wicked humans with magical abilities that wreak havoc on their surroundings.

On their journey home, Tokio and Azuma come into a Choujin who makes a death threat. Seeing no way out, Tokio and Azuma make the life-altering choice to transform into Choujin.

Because of his newfound abilities, Tokio is no longer able to remain apathetic in a world where conflict is inevitable.

Where You Can Read Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1

The fans and readers can enjoy Choujin X Chapter 49 part 1 on the Tonari no Jump website in raw version. On the Manga Plus app and website, you can read the manga in English.

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