The Shiunji Family Children anime adaptation is confirmed!

Reiji Miyajima is back again with his new manga. And now, The Shiunji Family Children anime adaptation is also confirmed. This incest romcom is about Step-Sibling Romcom about seven siblings of a wealthy family who learn one day that they are not related by blood & soon what was once forbidden feelings start to blossom.

Know about The Shiunji Family Children anime

Just a few minutes before @MangaMoguraRE on Twitter reported that Reiji Miyajima’s other work The Shiunji Family Children aka Shiunji-ke no Kodomo-tachi is getting an anime adaptation.

Reiji is already famous for his most famous work, Rent-A-Girlfriend which is already running over 300 chapters and 3 anime seasons. I haven’t this new work of his but I am pretty excited about it. The information about the release date, production, and studio is not confirmed yet.

We will update the article, once more information is out for the Shiunji Family Children anime.

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The Shiunji Family Children anime
Credit: Yen Press/ Young Animal Comics/Reiji Miyajima

What is The Shiunji Family Children is all about?

Banri, Seiha, Ouka, Minami, Shion, and Kotono are the six siblings of protagonist Arata Shiunji. The plot revolves around them as they cope with the shock of their father’s sudden revelation that they were all adopted.

The only ones linked by blood are Shion and Minami, who are twins. As the seven siblings grapple with this newfound knowledge and their suppressed emotions begin to surface, the tension mounts.

The manga is It has been serialized in Hakusensha Seinen Magazine. The english release is licensed by Yen Press.


When it comes to art and illustration, Reiji Miyajima knows how to do the job. Those who have read Rent A Girlfriend would agree on this. Just like that, The Shiunji Family Children is also well drawn and has a great character design. Hope this will be well done in The Shiunji Family Children anime.

And now, it brings probably the most controversial thing, ‘The Incenst Romance,’ Although they are adopted still this is quite a shocker.

Unsurprisingly, the reasonably mature handling of the taboo sibling romance makes it one of the few instances of fanservice in the book, but that’s about it. I can probably expect many fan service scenes in The Shiunji Family Children anime.

It would appear that our protagonist, Arata, is less interested in having sexual relations with his siblings and more focused on admiring other girls and being a good big brother.

The Shiunji Family Children anime
Rent A Girlfriend 316/ Credit: @Miyajimareiji on Twitter

Reiji Miyajima

So who is Reiji Miyajima? The Japanese mangaka who made Rent A Girlfriend. That’s how most anime and manga fans know him.

Miyajima began his career in 2009 as an illustrator for the short-lived Suzuki no Shiten serial in Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

He did the illustrations for the AKB49: Ren’ai Kinshi Jōrei series the year after that. It was based on the Japanese idol group AKB48.

The manga series Rent-A-Girlfriend, which Miyajima began in 2017, has been well-received in Japan. Since then, it has spawned a spin-off manga and an anime. As an assistant in the Ace of Diamond manga series, Miyajima has experience in the industry.

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