Gachiakuta anime adaptation is confirmed, Studio Bones!

First Sakamoto Days and now it is the Kei Urana’s Dark fantasy series, Gachiakuta anime adaptation has been announced. Famous leaker @SugoiLITE on Twitter/X first shared the news on his account. Let’s check out more details about this adaptation in this article.

Gachiakuta anime adaptation Release Date and Studio

It has been confirmed that the Gachiakuta anime adaptation is in the works and will be released in 2025. The exact release date is not out yet but will update further in this article.

Famous Studio Bones will be responsible for its production and we can say that they are going to nail this one. They are known for Gosick, Wolf’s Rain, Angelic Layer, Noragami, Carole & Tuesday and many more.

The cast, streaming platform, and official confirmation will be announced soon and will be updated here.

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Gachiakuta anime adaptation
Gachiakuta manga/ Credit: Kodansha, Pocket

What is Gachiakuta is all about?

Rudo and his foster father Legto cohabit in the slums of a rich town, where they attempt to blend in with the locals despite Rudo’s hatred of the affluent’s wastefulness. In spite of everyone’s warnings, Rudo can be found constantly digging through the town’s trash cans, looking for anything worthwhile to save from the “Abyss” (a huge pit where anything deemed rubbish is dumped, including humans). Some people have been cast into the Abyss on false accusations of murder; Rudo’s biological father is one such person.

Rudo returns home one day to see Legto’s lifeless body on the floor, after having encountered an enigmatic stranger en route. The authorities quickly located him and arrested him on murder charges. The people don’t buy into his innocent stories, therefore he ends up falling into the abyss. He doesn’t die, but instead finds himself in a weird, stinky place full of garbage monsters.

Enjin, a guy who saves Rudo from the monsters, introduces himself as a “janitor” and explains that he utilizes specialized weapons called “jinkis” to fight the monsters. Rudo grudgingly assumes the role of a janitor in order to fight his way back up from the Abyss and exact revenge on the person responsible for Legto’s death.

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Where to read Gachiakuta manga

After the Gachiakuta anime adaptation, many fans will want to know where they can read the official manga. You can officially read it on Pocket and Kodansha.

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