Oh! Great Manga Artist Thoughts on AI

With his new series, “Kaijin Fugeki – Kindled Spirits” debuting and approaching the 30th anniversary as an artist, Oh Great Manga Artist recently shared his thoughts about Ai in an interview. He is famous for his manga, “Air Gear & Bakemonogatari”

Thoughts and Insights from Oh Great Manga Artist on AI

First, he was asked how does Oh! Great feel about being a manga artist? Oh! Great answered, “I could see myself enjoying this work very much if there were no strict time constraints. However, I am in a bit of a pickle because I doubt I would complete the task if there was no set deadline; in fact, I am not sure I would even attempt it (laughs). Physical strength is paramount, in my opinion.”

Is there anything that he values the most when working outside the manga? He replies that, “What’s important to me is “not to disappoint.” I think that someone is expecting something from me when they commission me to do a job, so I think the bare minimum is to draw something that doesn’t disappoint those expectations.

Also, work outside of manga is stimulating because it requires a different way of thinking and studying than usual. In terms of manga, it feels like training (laughs).”

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Oh! Great Manga Artist
Air Gear/ Credit: Oh! Great Manga Artist, Kodansha

Thoughts on AI

After that, Oh Great Manga Artist finally talked about AI and its impact on the industry. According to him, “Artificial intelligence has just recently begun to make waves in the manga industry. As much as I’d want to shout “Bring it on, come on!” we just would not be able to compete on a technical level.

However, I do not believe that artists with strong sales skills have historically or now been the ones to sell their work. Those gifted with artistic abilities may be adept at painting, but I believe their real strength lies in “expressing their individuality.”

As a unique individual, they are “good at drawing,” and they do a fantastic job of expressing themselves via their art. On the other hand, a lot of successful people aren’t great at sketching themselves. Being good at expressing one’s own uniqueness is, in my opinion, just as important as being skilled at drawing.

I believe that in this day and age of AI and useless technology, it is extremely remarkable to see someone who possesses unique personality traits and the capacity to convey their distinct vision as “good at drawing.”

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Secret Strategy to beat AI?

Oh! Great Manga Artist
Bakemonogatari/ Credit: Oh! Great, Kodansha

The most important this for the artist is to how to challenge and beat AI. What Oh Great manga artist think about the strategy?

“I guess it all comes down to communication… When we talk, we try to predict to some extent how the other person will react to our words, right? I think that kind of telepathy that anticipates things is also necessary when drawing manga.

I’m not good at talking in real life, but I think I can do my best through manga (laughs). Also, I don’t think that AI at this stage has the emotions to please humans. In other words, I don’t think it’s capable of creating in the truest sense… If you find out the secret, please tell me!”

“I used to believe that a lengthy career in art was within my reach, provided I worked hard enough to perfect my craft. My work was, in that regard, likely the most distinctive aspect of my personality. On the other hand, I think we’ve entered an era of interpretation now.”

“Communication with readers is important after all, Something that AI can’t do”

“Every one of my earlier creations had a predetermined subject. Tenjo Tenge’s “strength” was the subject. One way to convey force and gravity was to depict the instant of impact. It was “air” for “Air Gear.”

The art of making the invisible, like speed and wind, feel real. My focus here is on “communication with the reader” rather than any sort of technical subject. How much free time do they think they can provide me? In this limited time, how can they make the most of it? Interpretation and dialogue serve that purpose.”

Source: Gendai Media, you can read the full interview there.

Kaijin Fugeki: Kindled Spirits, New Series

Credit: Oh! Great, Kodansha

Oh! Great Manga Artist has just started his new series which is published in the weekly shonen magazine and on Kodansha, “Kaijin Fugeki: Kindled Spirits”

“The night, occurrences formerly referred to as natural catastrophes. The children of the world dance as a form of prayer, hoping to summon the gods’ might to stop the wrath of the Night and save the planet from its mysterious impending doom. Unfortunate events unfold when Jin, a young man hailing from a remote Japanese hamlet, crosses paths with Gao, a British soldier compelled to abandon his hometown due to the Night. In this peaceful village located in the middle of nature, the two enjoy their golden years with their friends. Until the Night strikes again one fateful day!”

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Know about Air Gear and Bakemonogatari

Air Gear: Motorized, futuristic inline skates called Air Trecks (or ATs) are the latest trend that’s sweeping the country. There is a group of daredevils called the “Storm Riders” who are willing to bypass the speed limits that comes standard on all ATs. In underground wars, teams use ATs and compete to dominate the streets by wagering costly parts or team emblems, which serve as symbols of pride.

Itsuki Minami is a middle school kid from this time who is known for getting into fights on the street. With the help of his best friends Onigiri and Kazuma Mikura, the carefree punk will smash through any barrier that gets in the way of his insatiable desire to achieve heights no one else can. But the door to his heart’s desire—to be king of the skies—finally opens when he finds two Air Trecks in his home.

Bakemonogatari: A mysterious man named Meme Oshino lives in an abandoned building, and with his assistance, third-year high school girl Koyomi Araragi survives a vampire assault. Even though you’re a human again after escaping vampires, you still have a few weird side effects, like heightened vision and superhuman healing powers. With the support of his friend and class president, Tsubasa Hanekawa, Araragi endeavors to have a typical student life.

Araragi learns that Hitagi Senjougahara is abnormally light when he catches her after she tumbles down the stairs. In spite of Senjougahara’s objections, Araragi resolves to assist her and decides to recruit Oshino, the man who had previously assisted him out of a similar situation.

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