Jinx Chapter 54 Release Date: Season 1 ends, and more

Season 1 the Minwa bl manhwa has finally come to an end. Now the fandom will be waiting patiently for Jinx Chapter 54 that will start the new season. You can read the latest chapter and discuss it in the forum on /Jinxbl community on Reddit. Let’s check out more information in this article.

Release Date and Where To Read Jinx Chapter 54

As of writing, Jinx Chapter 54 release date has not been announced by Mingwa. However, the author has asked on his/her Twitter platform to ask the questions they want to ask by filling out a Google form. Mingwa will do a review chapter that will be released later on Lezhin. Maybe we can get the announcement of Season 2. Expect the review chapter by April 22.

According to Mingwa, Jinx Chapter 54 will be released this year. No specific date has been announced but we can expect it around October.

You can read the Jinx Chapter 53 and complete season 1 on Lezhin Comics. The new season of Jinx Chapter 54 will be out on the same platform.

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Recap of Chapter 53

So exactly what happened in the last chapter of season 1 of Jinx Manhwa? The chapter starts with Kim packing his stuff. After seeing the wardrobe he remembered his talk with his grandma.

She has a favor to ask of him. Back in her days, she lived on the west coast right by the ocean. Because of circumstances, she had to move out of there and never got the chance to go back. She wants to visit there with Kim for the last time. At this point, I am sure his grandma has died and maybe Kim will take her ashes there.

Jinx Chapter 54
Jinx Chapter 53/ Credit: Lezhin Comics/ Mingwa

Kim Quits

Kim has written his resignation letter and also a personal letter for Jaekyung. It is hard for him to say goodbye. He realized that he was not needed anymore by him. Kim thinks that it is also partly his fault for the outcome of the last match.

Meanwhile, Jaekyung receives the news that Kim has resigned from the place and has left. They tried to talk to him but he had already made up his mind. Now they need to find a new therapist while he is on break.

Jaekyung remembers the night before the match. He realized why Kim acted in that way.


Jaekyung returned back to his apartment and couldn’t find Kim. He finds the letter on his desk which was written by Kim.

Kim has promised that he will pay his debt back and the hospital bills that Jaekyung covered. Kim wishes that Jaekyung could find a good therapist. Jaekyung ain’t happy with that decision and he feels like a sh*t now. That’s where season 1 ends.

What To Expect from Season 2

Seeing how the situation has evolved, I guess it’s time for Jaekyung to chase after Kim. But not so early and easily. I bet he will take his time to realize that he really needs Kim and maybe starts to develop some feelings for him.

And don’t forget, the gamblers are after Kim too. We learned about how because of Jaekyung they are at a loss and they may target Kim from the start of Jinx Chapter 54 and season 2.

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