Jinx Manhwa Season 1 review by Mingwa

The bl fandom is hyped for Jinx Manhwa Season 1 review chapter done by Mingwa today. The bl series’ first season has ended on a pretty good cliffhanger. Is this the start of the chasing arc for Jaekyung? Is he finally going to change?

Jinx Manhwa Season 1 review chapter

Jinx Manhwa Season 1 review chapter is finally released by Mingwa. It was a rocky drama in season 1. Mingwa personally loved the whole Toxin build-up. But yes, not every fan of the series would agree to it.

According to Mingwa, the Jinx manhwa series will end with 2nd season. Also, there will be extra chapters after that. It is also expected that season 2 will be much bigger than season 1.

On May 3, 2024, we will see a special Jinx episode between Choi and Potato. The story of them which was left off in Chapter 35.

You can check out the fan’s Q&A with Mingwa and some special art on Lezhin Comics. The review chapter is available to read for free.

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Jinx Manhwa Season 1 review
Jinx Chapter 42/ Credit: Lezhin Comics and Mingwa

Where the fans can read Jinx Manhwa

The fans and readers can enjoy the Jinx Manhwa only on Lezhin Comics officially. The first season has ended with 53 chapters. It will resume soon on the same platform.

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