Kingdom Chapter 783 release date, raw scans, and more

The fandom is all hyped for the Kingdom Chapter 783 release date and the raw scans. We are heading for one of the most difficult wars for the Qin. The general, “Shi Ba Shou” has finally shown what he can do. And oh dear lord, he just decimated and hacked the enemies like he was cutting vegetables. Let’s first dive straight for the release date, where you can read the manga and raw scan information.

Release Date for Kingdom Chapter 783

Kingdom Chapter 783
Kingdom 782 raw scans/ Credit: Young Jump Comics

The manga, Kingdom 783 release date is expected to be January 2, 2024. As this week many manga are on break. Even Kingdom is on break too. We can expect the raws and spoilers to be out by 30-31 December 2023.

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Recap of Chapter 782

No one from Qin recognizes SBS when he shows up, they just sense he’s abnormal and even Shiryou is trembling. One of SBS’s soldiers tells him it’s dangerous to move around on his own and calls him by name. Sou’Ou and the others react to his name while Denrimi orders his soldiers to kill SBS.

Sanshuu and Shin Kakugaku move to attack SBS and apologize for leaving Shiryou alone with Ji Aga. Sou’ou is about to move his troops but a soldier says thirty thousand troops are approaching from behind SBS. Sou’ou recognizes it as the enemy’s main army and tells Denrimi to escape before he gets swallowed up by their army.

Shi Ba Shou is dangerous!

Denrimi realizes something about SBS’s army and calls for his soldiers to attack before they arrive. He and Sou’ou bicker about attacking or running away, but Denrimi says if they don’t kill SBS now, the situation will become unrecoverable. Sou’ou starts forming up his units to receive the attack until Denrimi tells him SBS has no interest in them.

They realize SBS isn’t engaging in a melee with them and is just slipping past them. SBS stops to see if Ji Aga is okay then continues his advance. Akou tries to disengage from Gakushou but can’t. Sou’ou realizes that everything up to now was a setup so that SBS and his army could slip between the two melees and attack Ousen directly. He immediately calls for his army to intercept SBS when Kan Saro suddenly attacks as well.

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Kingdom Chapter 783
Kingdom manga/ Credit: Young Jump Comics

Where The Fans Can Read Kingdom Chapter 783

The fans and readers can enjoy the manga, Kingdom Chapter 783 only on Young Jump Comics. You can also read the fan’s translation available on the internet.

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