Zom 100 manga chapter 62 release date and more

As the anime conclusion reaches closer, Zom 100 manga chapter 62 is much anticipated by the fans. While we were there, we noticed Shizuka, Kenichirou, and Akira at the grocery store. They find zombies and, as usual, flee with their supplies.

Akira had a few humorous moments with the gang before something unexpected happened to him. Our focus has gotten so lost in our antics, he claims, that we have neglected their immunization priority. Let’s check out the release date, what we can expect, and where you can read the chapter.

Release Date and Where To Read Zom 100 manga chapter 62

Zom 100 manga chapter 62
Zom 100 anime still/ Credit: Crunchyroll

Get ready as the Zom 100 manga chapter 62 release date is January 18, 2024. You can expect the start of a new arc very soon with this. The raws might drop a few days ago. You can follow the Zom 100 community on Reddit to stay updated with the latest news and raw scan information.

The fans and readers can enjoy the manga on Viz Media and Manga Plus app and website officially.

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What happened before?

Concerned for Shizuka, Akira wishes the zombies would have let her live a normal life. The subject then shifts to Beatrix’s mother and her history. The mother of Beatrix took a work in a metropolitan boutique.

She did become famous and got better employment, but she still settled into country life rather quickly. To Akira’s utter bewilderment, her mother paints a picture of what it means to be happy.

After listening to Beatrix’s advice, Akira finally grasped the concept of happiness. Akira catches up with Shizuka later that night, and the two of them share some heartwarming moments.

Akira crosses “Pursuing happiness” off his list of things to do as they set off the fireworks that Shizuka had packed.

What we can expect in Zom 100 manga chapter 62

The group is also planning for the future, so this Zom 100 manga chapter 62 might be easygoing. They are currently considering their next stop in the Kagoshima area and intend to travel there.

To cross items off their list, they may also visit Okinawa and Yakushima. We can anticipate that they will begin their adventure shortly now that Akira is acting normally again.

After hearing Beatrix out, Akira is now reevaluating his priorities. Following the completion of their scare dare in the previous episode, Izuna and Takeru have also returned.

They returned to their normal selves following the scare dare occurrences, even if we didn’t see them much in this chapter. Also, the gang has gone a long way from that spot and is now relaxing someplace else.

Although they are experiencing some trouble catching fish, everyone is enjoying their travels on the cruise.

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