Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 88 release date and where to read

The bl fandom is excited for Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 88 which will be out soon. The past few chapters were hot with Taeju and Euihyun. But with the previous chapter’s cliffhanger, the fans are feeling anxious for Euihyun.

Release Date for Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 88

The manga Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 88 release date is now in June. The series has gone yet again for a month-long hiatus as it was recently updated by the author. More details will be updated soon.

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Recap of Chapter 87

The previous chapter starts with Taeju flirting with Euihyun in the kitchen. Taeju was still worried about the cut on Euihyun’s finger, so he helped him to cut some apples.

They also talk about Kim Sa Hyuk and what happened previously. Taeju is going to catch him and punish him. So now they are dating, Taeju is his husband and Euihyun is his wife according to him. At that moment, Euihyun and his worries about debt gradually disappeared.


Next in the chapter, we see WonYoung visiting the home to return the car she previously had borrowed. She finds it strange that Taeju has brought a pet at home. She tells him that Taeju doesn’t love him. He just wants to conquer him.

WonYoung also reminds him that the debt is still not written off. Euihyun started to have worries and doubts. At the end of the chapter, Taeju sees a clip where someone kidnaps Euihyun.

Where the fans can read Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 88

The fans and readers can read the manhwa Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 88 only on Bomtoon and Lezhin Comics.

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