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Recently the fandom and popularity of Serena Manhwa have gone insane. It should be as it is one of the best in the romance-drama genre. This original webtoon is created by Ina and released every Thursday. You can read it officially on Naver and Webtoons.

Serena Manhwa
Serena Manhwa/ Credit: Naver and Webtoon

Know more about Serena Manhwa

So what is Serena all about? The story is set in Wellenberg, Meuracevia in the 19th Century. Affluent Serenity Hotel in the nation’s capital is in a precarious position as its resolute heiress Serena and her severe husband Eiser fight for the hotel’s revival.

Their arranged marriage takes a dark turn when Serena develops an unhealthy obsession with her stoic and good-looking servant, Frederick. Will Serena be able to safeguard her love while also ensuring the survival of her family and business during a period when duty takes precedence over happiness in Serena Manhwa?

Thoughts on Serena

Every single one of the characters is, in my opinion, severely flawed. Despite the loss of her parents and siblings, she had a nurturing upbringing. I would believe that a relatively significant development, precipitating her mental health concerns, has been her relative neglect since then. Their debt forced her grandmother to marry her off so they could settle it in Serena Manhwa.

Since her marriage is a contract marriage, I don’t find it that troubling that she has her lover. What’s more, her husband chooses to ignore it, adding to the other events in the recent chapters. Not only has her husband ignored her, but she has also loathed him for assuming control of the hotel that was meant for her to manage. Because her mother let her have fun as a child and put off her instruction, she is unprepared in Serena Manhwa.

More manhwas that are like Serena

The Hopeless Desire of a Witch

Serena Manhwa
Credit: TappyToon and Kakao Page

An altruistic count promises to take in orphan Kaidel and raise him as a nobleman, but in exchange, the youngster must make a solemn vow: to pursue the “ember” that led him to the witch who burned down his boyhood village. Though the plot is somewhat different from Serena Manhwa, but still it’s one of the best old romantic stories.

From an alchemical family that inculcated a fierce fighting spirit in their son, Kaidel now seeks the white-haired witch. In contrast to the tales told by his fellow villagers, the woman with the long white hair he meets is peaceful and friendly. Would lovely Eleanor be the same witch he dreamed about? Kaidel must decide between love and revenge.

You can read it on the Kakao Page and TappyToon.

Siella’s Revenge Affair

Serena Manhwa
Credit: Kakao Page

Just like the name suggests, Siella’s Revenge Affair is a little bit the same just like Serena Manhwa. Due to her incompetent fiancé, she became an extra and tragically perished. In her attempt to change the storyline, she was successful in becoming the heroine’s best friend. “Ciel, I apologize. However, aren’t we still friends? My fiancé was the object of the heroine’s infidelity.

Understood. Feel free to take that trash. My fiance had an affair; would you want to be involved with someone who did the same? Why? Because I went with the male lead. Now that I’ve ended my engagement, I can finally start dating the male lead, escape the original plot, and live my life to the fullest.

You can read it on the Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon.

Remarried Empress is just like Serena Manhwa

Serena Manhwa
Credit: Naver and Webtoon

There is no way you haven’t heard about Remarried Emperess if you love this genre. Probably one of the best series from Naver and Webtoon created by Alphatart. The story is based on the emperor’s name “Navier Ellie Trovi” who is perfect in every way.

She is kind to her kingdom and loves her husband. But one day suddenly her husband brings a misteress and demands her divorce. She divorced him and remarried another emperor to keep the title of empress as that was her childhood dream.

You can read the manhwa on Naver and Line Webtoon.

The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

Credit: Kakao Page

 Inés became engaged to the dashing heir to House Escalante the moment she lay eyes on him when she was six years old. She reasoned that, because all noblemen are basically the same, she might as well go with a handsome one.

However, Lord Cárcel isn’t emotionally prepared for such a long-term commitment just yet, so he does his best to avoid the marriage for the subsequent fifteen years! Fortunately, it won’t be an issue for Inés, since she desires her marriage to collapse. She even gave him the green light to plant his wild oats—as long as he didn’t meddle with her affairs, of course.

The pleasure of being a playboy diminishes when your fiancée approves. Further evidence that she is unfaithful to him, wouldn’t you agree? Cárcel is now hell-bent on changing Inés’s opinion and proving he’s the one she’s been looking for in a husband.

You can read it on TappyToon and Kakao Page.

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