When will Operation True Love Chapter 90 be released?

What a superb ending for the first season and now fans wait for Operation True Love Chapter 90. It can’t get any better with Su-ae and Eunhyeok ending together for now. The confession was finally done but it was kind of awkward. Well, whatever at least they both are a couple now. It reminded me of a movie, I can’t remember the name. Let me know in the comments if you guys know about it. Let’s check out Chapter 90 release date and more information.

Operation True Love Chapter 90
Credit: Naver and Webtoon

Release Date for Operation True Love Chapter 90

The new release date for Operation True Love Chapter 90 is May 17, 2024. First, it was around mid-April which was announced by the artist and author in their review after season 1 ended. But there were some problems and the release date has been shifted.

Where You Can Read Operation True Love Chapter 90

Fans and readers can enjoy the manga, Operation True Love on Naver platforms in original raw format. The official english translations are available on Line Webtoons.

Although there are fan translations available, we will insist on reading from the official platform. In that way, you will be able to help the artist and author for their hard work.

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What is Operation True Love is all about?

The protagonist of Pure Love Operation, a manga centered on a shattered heart and her search for love, encounters supernatural aspects throughout her romantic drama journey.

In a devastating twist, the protagonist learns early on that her partner has been unfaithful to her by sleeping with her half-sister, who is more attractive, popular, and accomplished. She becomes entangled with Eunhyeok and Dohwa after she discovers Jellypop, an enigmatic phone with a love meter, in her locker.

Recap of Chapter 89

Chapter 89 of Operation True Love starts with Su-ae getting drunk at the party. As expected, she doesn’t have a high tolerance for alcohol. Both boys then try to stop her from drinking.

Dohwa is passed out now Eunhyeok seems pretty okay. Eunhyeok then went to put Dowha on the bed. After that, he comes and finds Su-ae who is going to collapse soon.

Then like a gentleman he carries her and puts her on a bed beside Dohwa. Next he went to help the old man to clean the house. That’s when his eyes laid on Su-ae phone.

There was an mp3 recording on the phone which he went to listen to next. It was the love confession plan of Su-ae under the moonlight by the seaside. The boy Eunhyeok felt happy and he blushed too.

Operation True Love Chapter 90
Credit: Naver and Webtoon

Love Confession!

In the end of Chapter 89 of Operation True Love, we finally saw the confession. Su-ae woke up and went outside near the beach. It was raining heavily when she met Eunhyeok.

He says that he has listened to the mp3 confession. Eunhyeok finally confesses that she is her first love. And then he says which brought goosebumps all over my body after listening it.

“Then, in your tomorrow, in your nineteen, every at your eternity, until you grow old, I will be by your side.” UNTIL ETERNITY!

Incredible ending to the first season and I can’t wait for the next season already.

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