Maria no Danzai manga review: Darkest Revenge Masterpiece

Anime and manga fans love revenge stories and when it comes to Maria no Danzai manga, it’s a masterpiece. But here the main lead is a woman who is a mom and goes after the ones who were responsible for her son’s death. Interesting right? Let’s discuss more about this further in this article.

The Plot

A woman who has been through a lot becomes a Knight Templar parent to exact revenge on the brats for taking her kid away from her. Despite her overwhelming remorse, she knows that she must take the unpopular but necessary steps to achieve her aim.

The story is written by Kazuki and illustrated by Kamejima Junto and was first published on March 5, 2023.

Maria no Danzai manga
Maria/ Credit: Tonari no Jump

Maria no Danzai manga review

What we have here is an act of revenge, a female lead who is a m*lf. Tell no more, I was already interested at this point and started reading Maria no Danzai manga.

The first chapter of this manga was very emotional. So the female lead name is Maria and she loves her son (Kiri) very much. Kiri has just started middle school. Maria is like a perfect mom, kind, and sweet.

On the other hand, Kiri was going through a lot in school. He was getting bullied on a whole other level by a specific group of delinquents. And the leader of this group is a complete psychopath.

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Truck Kun

This psychopath really loves to torture people and is a sadistic bas*ard. Now this group loves beating and torturing Kiri. One day they sent him a deep fake video of her mom having s*x with someone else.

From then they started to blackmail him and call Kiri to the cliff. Now this psycho group says to Kiri that if he jumps and survives from the fall they won’t send this video to anybody.

Now Kiri actually jumped off and surprisingly he lived but his legs were all battered. His mom was tracking him through his phone and just when she arrived she saw Kiri getting run over by truck Kun.

Maria no Danzai manga
Maria no Danzai manga/Credit: Tonari no Jump

Mom’s Revenge

Maria totally broke down in tears while the bullies also started to panic and quickly left. For a long time, Maria thought that Kiri committed su*cide but one day she found Kiri’s diary.

In the diary, there was everything written about the bullies and what they had done to him. Maria felt dejected herself that she never noticed that this sort of thing happened to her son.

Now she is very angry and wants revenge. With the next two-year time skip, we see Maria got head-to-toe full plastic surgery. And she started to work in a high school.


Maria no Danzai manga
Credit: Tonari no Jump

This is the same high school where all the bullies are attending. She is ready to carry out her revenge now.

Now here we see a complete turnover for Maria and her personality. The way she interacts with bullies, lures them, and then delivers the judgment is so satisfying to read.

Of course, torture and gore is a must when it comes to revenge. Also picking them one by one from the herd is what makes this also more interesting.

But she also gives them a chance. Maria wants them to feel hope and there’s a chance to escape. She made them realize what they had done and there could have been a chance.

Maria’s character writing is very good and we can feel her emotions through the series.

Why you should read it?

Now comes the main question, Maria no Danzai manga is worth reading? Absolutely if you love revenge and seinen type of stories, you can’t miss this one.

What makes it different is that there is no unnecessary drama or drag in the plot. It’s not that much ecchi and s*x focused which usually makes other revenge stories boring.

The art is good and the story and all the characters are well-written. Although it’s not perfect and you will know what I meant by that when you read it, it’s one of the best ongoing revenge manga right now.

Personal Ratings: 8.5/10

Where to read Maria no Danzai manga

You can read the Maria no Danzai manga officially on Tonari no Jump. There are many fan translations available on the internet, but make sure to read from the official platform to support the author and artist.

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