Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations that you must read

As a vivid reader, I know sometimes how hard it is to find something that is good to read. Readers always get that urge to find something underrated and then binge-read the whole stuff. In this list, we present our best manga and manhwa recommendations which you should try if you haven’t yet.

1. Choujin X

Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations
Choujin X manga/ Credit: Sui Ishida/ Shueisha/ Tonari no Jump

A seinen manga series by Sui Ishida himself who made Tokyo Ghoul. This introduction is already worth it for you to get interested and try Choujin X. Personally, I feel this is even better than Tokyo Ghoul.

“Even though Tokio seems to be following in Azuma’s cooler and more talented footsteps most of the time, they do everything together since they are best friends. A choujin, a superhuman mutant, attacks them one night, but Tokio seizes the opportunity to shine by becoming one of them!

Having extraordinary abilities isn’t without its drawbacks, though. In addition to coping with the increasingly strange occurrences in town, Tokio must conceal his metamorphosis from his family and avoid a truancy penalty at school.”

Currently, the manga is ongoing with 51 chapters (4 parts) and can be read on Tonari no Jump, Manga Plus, and Viz Media.

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2. Umineko

Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations
Umineko/ Credit: Kodansha, Square Enix

The Umineko manga is one of the best thriller series. It is also based on the novel and stays true to the source material for most of the part. Although there were some doubts regarding the ending for novel readers, if you are reading manga for the first time, you won’t even notice anything.

“Over two days on a deserted island, the protagonists—a group of eighteen individuals—are the targets of a series of grisly murders. There are a lot of questions for readers to answer, including whether the killers were human or from another, otherworldly realm, and what their goals were.”

You can officially read the manga on Yen Press and Square Enix. There is also an anime made by Studio Deen with 26 episodes which was released back in 2009. The series also has light novels and games.

3. Tower Of God is one of the Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations

If you haven’t read Tower Of God or not even caught up with the series, what are you doing right now? As a reader who reads manga and manhwa, this series is must read for them.

Not only Sui has written one of the best stories, but he has also built top-level world-building in the series. Main Character, Side Characters, Villains, Art, this manhwa has everything that is top-notch.

“Rachel takes Twenty-Fifth Baam with her as she climbs The Tower in pursuit of stars. However, Baam soon discovers that the Tower conceals more than what first appears.

He finds his own talent and makes many friends during his tough fight. However, peril lurks at every corner. Is it possible for Baam to locate his companion Rachel? Where does Baam go from here on his journey? Within the Tower of God, it all starts.”

You can read the manhwa series exclusively on Naver and Webtoons platform. There are over 600 chapters and the story is still ongoing. The anime season 2 will start airing in July 2024.

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4. Vanitas no Carte

Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations
Vanitas no Carte fan art by @bafangli on Twitter

You might have heard about this anime or manga series but if you haven’t you should give it a try. It has everything that will keep you entertained throughout the series whether you are reading the manga or watching the anime.

“Because he was born under a blue moon, vampire Vanitas felt shamed and abandoned by his fellow vampires. He supposedly concocted the “Book of Vanitas,” a cursed grimoire, to exact revenge on all bloodsucking vampires under the crimson moon.

Noé Archiviste is on a quest to find the legendary Book of Vanitas in Paris in the nineteenth century.”

The manga series is currently ongoing with 63 chapters and can be read on Square Enix, Manga Up, and Yen Press. The Case Study of Vanitas anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

5. Kono Oto Tomare!

Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations
Kono Oto Tomare! manga/ Credit: Shueisha

This manga and anime series is an absolute hidden gem. It has a great drama, music theme, and romance. I am still waiting for the third season of the series till now.

“After all of the other members of the Koto Music Club graduated, the new president, Takezou Kurata, finds himself all by himself. Now he has the difficult job of recruiting new members, but nobody seems interested, so he’s having a hard time.

Feared juvenile delinquent Chika Kudou suddenly shows up, saying he will join the group and become president himself, right as Kurata has almost given up hope of keeping the club alive.”

The manga is currently ongoing with 132 chapters and can be read on Shonen Jump Plus officially. You can also officially stream Kono Oto Tomare! on the Crunchyroll platform.

6. SSS Class Revival Hunter

Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations
SSS Class Revival Hunter manhwa/ Credit: Kakao Page

Probably in my top 10 favorite manhwa of all time. SSS Class Revival Hunter may start slow but worth the wait. A great story and characters, if you are new to this series, it may remind you of Re:Zero.

“The story follows Kim Gongja as he transforms into the titular SSS-Class Suicide Hunter. He endures countless deaths, both his own and those of others, on his path to becoming the greatest hunter on Earth and reaching the top of the enigmatic Tower.

Along the way, his growing arsenal of death-related abilities transforms him from an irate internet troll into a man willing to shoulder the burden of entire worlds’ suffering and death.”

The manhwa is currently ongoing with 115 chapters and can be read on the Kakao Page and Tapas.

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7. Solitary Lady

Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations
Fan art by @Selena_Mustang on Twitter

Personally, for me, Solitary Lady might be one of the best Josei romance series I have ever read.

“Throughout her seven lifetimes, noblewoman Hillis Inoaden has maintained the same reputation: a pest, an obedient subject, and a meek creature. In her ninth resurrection, though, she breaks free of the shackles of her stepsister and evil brother and stops caving into the aristocrats who surround her.

She takes the family title and a sacred power with her as she seeks vengeance and a chance to alter her tragic fate.”

You can officially read the manhwa on the Kakao Page and Tapas. This series has been completed so you can binge.

That’s it for our Best Manga and Manhwa Recommendations list, and we will bring you more articles like this soon.

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