Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers, summary, and raw scans

The fandom was waiting patiently for Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers which are finally out now. Kana started to ignore Ruby in the previous chapter. Ruby was dubious that Kana was acting after hearing Frill and Minami’s chat, but she still wasn’t so sure. In the aftermath of Nino’s hatred, Ruby Hoshino started to question if her mother shared her feelings later in the chapter.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers
Ai from Oshi no Ko/ Credit: Hidive and Crunchyroll

Raw Scans, Summary, and Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers

Recently the leaker @sneakyoshi on X(formerly Twitter) released the Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers. The raw scans will be soon posted by @xDonutW on platform X.

First, there will be a break next week for the manga. Because of Ruby’s changes Aqua and the director began talking about AI-related topics.

As far as Aqua is concerned, the Ai he sees in his eyes has never wept for anything so insignificant. Regardless, the filmmaker has faith in Ruby and is hell-bent on using her to portray the actual Ai in the film. Also, he has faith in Kana. Friendship has always been important to Kana, although she has never had many of them in Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers.

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Then in Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers, after breaking off her friendship with Ruby, the director is assured that Kana would not actually do it. And he knows it for sure. Ruby and Kana are in the midst of a terrible, tense situation, and he turns his head at the same time. Gotanda, who is visibly perspiring, immediately made an effort to defuse the situation.

Since Aqua has faith in Ruby and Kana’s resiliency and professionalism, she thinks everything is going swimmingly. The next installment will show us the Ainino performance. That’s all for the Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers.

Recap of Chapter 134

Chapter 134 of Oshi no Ko, “Deeps,” shows that Kana has started to disregard Ruby’s existence. As Ruby struggles to cope, Frill and Minami tell her that some performers go to extreme lengths to become their characters. Nevertheless, Ruby had no doubt that Kana despised her.

Meanwhile, Kana told Mem-Cho that what she said to Ruby was genuine emotion. Now she knew how she was transforming into Nino. Ruby, on the other hand, started to question when exactly Kana hated her. It was then that she realized Ai Hoshino, her mother, had also experienced a similar ordeal.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers
Fan art of Akane/ Credit: @_menosora on Twitter


In the entertainment world, celebrities often show exaggerated versions of themselves to the public, concealing their true thoughts and struggles beneath elaborate lies. Fans buy into these fabrications, showering their idols with undying love and support, until something breaks the illusion. Sixteen-year-old rising star Ai Hoshino of pop idol group B Komachi has the world captivated; however, when she announces a hiatus due to health concerns, the news causes many to become worried.

As a huge fan of Ai, gynecologist Gorou Amemiya cheers her on from his countryside medical practice, wishing he could meet her in person one day. His wish comes true when Ai shows up at his hospital—not sick, but pregnant with twins! While the doctor promises Ai to safely deliver her children, he wonders if this encounter with the idol will forever change the nature of his relationship with her.

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Release date and Where fans can read Oshi no Ko Chapter 135

The manga, Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 release date is December 21, 2023, at 12 am JST. The fans would be able to read the manga on the Manga Plus app and websites officially.

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