Queen Bee 301: Dali at the bear farm

The manhwa with over 300 chapters, Queen Bee 301 has been finally released. For now, everything seems calm. Nothing unordinary happened in this chapter. Also, it seems Pyo is still waiting for Dalhu in his house. The raw scans are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Queen Bee 301
Ami ai work from Queen Bee manhwa

Spoilers and Summary for Queen Bee 301

The manhwa, Queen Bee 301 starts with Dali, old driver, and fatty, going to the deer farm. It was revealed that the bears were kept hidden inside thereby Dalhu.

They arrived and the guy who handles the farm showed them around. He boasts about how lively and strong the bears are. There were also other three bears in the same cage.

That was the bear that Dalhu was raising. Dali even asked whether they eat people or not. Although the guy denies it, Dali can feel that they are hungry for the piece of meat.

Heo sisters

Next in Queen Bee 301, we see both Heo sisters. Short hair works at a restaurant as a waitress. While the blonde sister works as a hostess.

Short-haired one was thinking about the paycheck by Dali for the fatty. It was even better than her job. Then she imagines, that if she works for her, she will become like a slave.

The Queen Bee 301, ended with Pyo waiting for Dalhu in his house. He will make his death just like Dalsu. And we see Dalhu coming back to his apartment. That’s where the chapter ended.

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What happened before?

Chapter 300 of Queen Bee, a manhwa, opens with Amy, fatty, and Dali riding home in a car. In this chapter, Amy looked really stunning. The epitome of beauty.

Amy has Dali’s full endorsement as her future property manager. By the way, Amy is going to start modeling for Volcanic Life very soon. She clearly made Amy feel uncomfortable.

Dali goes back to her room and has a phone conversation with Pyo in Queen Bee Chapter 300. She told Pyo about Dalhu’s plans for her elderly dad and the bears. Currently, Pyo remains at Dalhu’s residence. The elderly driver has spilled the beans to her about Dalhu.

Pyo is ready

Eventually, we’ll find out why Dali let the last driver go. She has even paid him a fair amount. As he takes care of the elderly man, he is aging. He should get some sleep now. Dalhu was also involved in his schemes.

Additionally, she has a slight interest in the location. Raising bears in this area was news to her. Home again, Pyo. After that, a brief scenario involving Dali and Pyo will take place.

In Queen Bee Chapter 300, the scene changes to the following morning. Fatal learns the ropes from the seasoned driver, who gives him the lowdown on winter driving. Just where Pyo left off, Dali and Pyo show up. They may forget about taking him to the bear farm. On the contrary, he is returning to the Dalhu apartment. He has his bat at the ready once more.

Where the fans can read Queen Bee 301

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa, Queen Bee 301 only on Toptoon and Day Comics.

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